DC Round-Up Recap 2, Week 7: When Turkey Day Goes Wrong!

25 Nov

Welcome back! I hope you are or had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. As for me, I’m bringing you recaps of these DC shows on the CW because they clearly can’t take a vacation. And since we got a full deck of shows, let’s just jump into it…

“Call To Action”

It’s not the best time for Thanksgiving turkey on this show, as the Children of Liberty drop lots of copies of their manifesto from the sky (luckily it’s just a flyer, so it’s only horrifying in what’s written on it). James is still insistent on reaching out to them and maybe putting them on the right track, which goes against Lena’s concerns to back away. She even tries to set up a debate on TV with evil Ben Lockwood, but he blows it off to talk to some of the Children of Liberty, leaving Kara to handle that debate…not as well. Things get worse for James/Lena when she reveals she’s the only reason he’s not in jail for being the Guardian, which, you’re welcome for that, by the way, James.

We learn those flyers had an ulterior purpose in letting the group in on a plan to spread some Thanksgiving jeers by going to alien homes and committing hate crimes. Our heroes stop that, but now Ben has a network show to spread his hate, so one step forward, two steps back. We leave with James being taken to see the real head of the group, Lena discovering her experiments with that alien mineral from last season can make things invulnerable, and Manchester Black going to torturing and killing Children of Liberty members for revenge. And Kara fights a dragon, but a good dragon who’s just defending her owner from those alien haters. That happened.

On tonight’s show: college professor who’s an alien-hating terrorist in hiding debates a random CatCo reporter with highlights who is secretly Supergirl. Let’s see who wins this discussion.

–Pumpkin pie, not apple pie. Apple pie’s fine, but pumpkin wins.

–So did you know the Danvers had a dad? Yeah, remember, he was working with Cadmus and then vanished around season two? I wonder what happened to him?

–Nia seems to have narcolepsy, which is serious, but stranger than that: when recommended a doctor to treat her, she seems to know who it is and says she has a doctor, even though Nia has told everyone she’s looking for a doctor. That’s odd, right?

–Colonel Haley is still a buzzkill when she doesn’t allow Alex and the DEO to investigate the Children of Liberty, but she eventually relents on that end. But that relationship is on thin ice.

–Brainy using physics to hurt bloodthirsty alien haters. Nice.

–“That’s weird. Dogs usually love me!”

–“That’s what I get for making a Harry Potter reference.”

“The Icicle Cometh”

Caitlin Snow has kind of gotten the crap end of a lot of things over the run of this show, and this episode is no exception. The good news is: the team locates her father, Thomas, in some secret Arctic lab, somehow very much alive in spite of the fact he was diagnosed with ALS about when he disappeared twenty years ago! The bad news is: he started experimenting on himself in the way he did on young Caitlin to cure his condition (he was convinced she would genetically have ALS passed onto her), which is why it seems it is starting to kill him. Barry and company want to help, but Cisco can’t fight the feeling something is off in Thomas’ story, and he finds out why. The way that treatment on Caitlin created Killer Frost, the same thing happened to Thomas, creating an evil personality we’ll just call Icicle.

Icicle would kind of like to get rid of that pesky Thomas personality and he uses Team Flash to help him achieve that goal. He almost succeeds, but is stopped thanks to Killer Frost coming out of Caitlin after so long missing (short version: it wasn’t her being drained out last season, it was a mental block that had to be broken). Icicle escapes, and Caitlin now has a murderous ice dad on the loose, but Killer Frost is at least back, so…yay? Oh, and Cicada is still murdering metahumans, but it seems we’ll get more on him next episode.

I think Barry wins the Captain Cold cosplay contest this week.

–Caitlin’s dad is played by Kyle Secor, who stars in one of my favorite TV shows of all time, Homicide: Life on the Street. It’s not streaming as of this writing unfortunately, but it’s worth a look for fans of quality acting and great police drama.

–Thomas is nice enough to point out how stupid this group is in attacking him in near zero temperatures. Glad someone did.

–The rest of Team Flash was busy tracking down Cicada and surprise, they found a lead in learning about who we know as his ill daughter.

–Nora wants to hang around with her mom more now, which is great news, and I’m sure will not lead to some horrifying break in the near future.

–“I had my war face on!”

–“No shrap, Sherlock!”

“The Book of Blood, Chapter Two: The Purdi”

So — SURPRISE! — Gamby’s not dead, and he’s running around quietly to find out who ordered that hit on him last episode. That’s a minor detail here as we go to South Freeland, where we got a weird class war going on. On one end, we got The Perdi, who are the lower class people being persecuted by the The Sange, who are slaves controlled by some metahuman woman called Looker who uses that silvery liquid we saw earlier to give her minions superpowers. That pregnant girl we saw last episode was part of the Perdi, and had two babies with a Sange dad, which has made her a target of Looker. Good thing we got Black Lightning and Anissa around to help the Perdi, even though one of the twins is in Looker’s hands by episode’s end.

Meanwhile, Lynn is trying to deal with being in the awkward position of explaining how half of those pod kids are dead (it wasn’t really her fault, though), and that’s rough. Jennifer is reaching out to Khalil, who is having issues of his own with his boss, Tobias. Tobias wants the preacher who runs that free clinic dead after his offer to buy out the clinic is rejected, but Khalil believe that is a huge mistake. That leads to a fist fight when Khalil rebels against his boss…and loses. And Tobias’ fish tank is broken, so you can bet that’s coming out of Khalil’s pay.

Ah, she’s pulling the Shao Khan soul ripping technique!

–We got one of my favorite jams, “Apache” from the Incredible Bongo Band for the big fight scene between Black Lightning and the Sange. Also, Gambi sends a drone to help out, which is such a dad move.

–So it’s actually not odd to have twins that look like different ethnicities, but it is when they got silver eyes and seem to be telepathically communicating with each other.

–Gambi kills that one hitman who shot at him last episode, but spares his dogs. And he apologizes to them for killing their master, which is something.

–Now, Tobias says he wouldn’t suggest Khalil kill his own mother, but we all know we would, right?

–“Stop thinking. You’re not good at it.”

–“Now you broke my damn fish tank!”

“Tagumo Attacks!!!”

While Nate takes Ava along as a buddy to his family Thanksgiving dinner, the rest of the Legends won’t be enjoying as much holiday Turkey this year. The team head to 1950’s Japan to investigate the appearance a giant squid monster, while Ray searches for Nora Darhk and to get her help in reviving an ailing Constantine. The reason we got a giant squid monster is because of a magical book that gives life to the creation of artists, and in this case, it’s from the mind of director Ishiro Honda (who would later create the classic Gojira/Godzilla movies). The giant squid gets stopped by Mick using the book to bring his own creation to life: the queen of his sci-fi erotic novels. And then he has sex with her on a demolished model city set. I don’t think that was the exact plan the team thought it was going to be, but it worked, I guess.

On Ray’s end, he has to convince Nora that using her powers again won’t cause her to drift into the dark side like her father (I’m putting money now it will before the end of the season). She revives Constantine, and decides to start making amends for her evil acts by turning herself over to the Time Bureau. Meanwhile, the Haywood family Thanksgiving dinner goes relatively okay, baring Nate having to excuse himself to save the Bureau HQ from being swamped with “hangry” mythical monsters. And his dad also seems to have something planned for these imprisoned creatures called “Project Hades”, which if you know anything about stuff called “Projects” in these shows, is probably not good.

I’m not even going to explain this image. Just watch the episode to figure it out.

–Thanks to Gary’s incompetence, that adorkable food delivery girl Mona is probably going to be hanging around the Time Bureau a lot more. Hey, she knows what the Baba Yaga eats. Babies mostly, but you can substitute certain meats in their place.

–“Detective Lance”. Just a reminder Sara’s dad is not alive anymore. Sniff.

–Charlie is turning out to be useful, which is good, and no, Nate still doesn’t know about…well, who she looks like.

–By the way, check out the classic Gojira (not the American re-edit of it) if you want a serious Kaiju movie. If you want a fun Kaiju movie, check out Honda’s Destroy All Monsters, which has Godzilla and all his buddies. Fun stuff.

–Mick was considering giving his creation a fourth boob. Nah, three is fine.

–“She was supposed to stay locked in the closet. I was going to flash her later.”

–“At least your family are real people. Mine are actors.”

–“Then draw a new ending. Preferably one where no one dies.”

–“I am so f…fired.”

–“I take my porn very seriously!”

NEXT TIME: James as The Guardian might be getting too close to the Children of Liberty on Supergirl, we learn the origin of Cicada on The Flash, a creepy metahuman is looking for a baby on Black Lightning, and Legends of Tomorrow has to discuss their budget (and probably stop some magic related stuff too)!

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