Dusting Off the Shelf: Letter T

22 May

Me again. How’s things? I actually didn’t have a lot of T’s in my collection, but I’ve got one that I’ve owned for almost a decade but never bothered to watch because… honestly, I don’t remember why. I know I wanted to see it in the theater but when it came out I was in the middle of cramming all the courses ever in order to finish my bachelors… anyways, it’s sat on my shelf and today I broke down and finally watched Tristan & Isolde.

Synopsis: James Franco does an English accent. And there’s some kind of a love story between two young people that can’t really be together. Or something.

Also, baby Henry Cavill has a braid in his hair. I don’t know that there were any other plot lines.

Why I chose this film: Originally, I remember wanting to see this one because I enjoy period films. At the time none of the actors meant anything to me, and I don’t remember the ads being much more than period costumes and sword fights.

Today, I chose it because I needed a T title and honestly… I apparently watch those when I get them and this was the only one sitting on the shelf.

Will I watch it again: Meh.

I mean… I ended up taking practice tests while I had this on, so I think that says something about the watchability of this one. Especially since I really hate studying and taking tests.

Anyways… no, there isn’t actually much else to say. The fights are meh. The story is meh. The acting is meh. I wanted to like it… but… meh.

The only redeeming moment is really this perfect eyebrow raise… 

Why you should watch it too (or run far away!): I repeat… Meh. This one is not worth the time. Go watch Knights Tale or something. Trust me, it would be a much better use of your time.

What do you think?

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