Fantastic Four is a bit less fantastic than promised

11 Aug

3810641-nerdbastards.com_2This is not a review. It would be a review but the only crew member willing to waste the money to see the new Fantastic Four film was too traumatized to write anything.


His response was, “please don’t make me relive it”.



So… this is not a review. Instead this is a short complaint to FOX and SONY to get their paws out of my superhero movies! Dammit, they haven’t made a decent superhero film in over a decade and the only reason they keep trying is because they don’t want the other studios to gain control of the few characters they have the rights to. And I’m sorry, but wasting a shit-ton of money to make a bad awful horrendous film just to keep someone else from playing with your toys is stupid.

Look- the Roger Corman Fantastic Four film from 1994 (that was lost- for good reason!) has a higher score on Rotten Tomatoes than the new film. And that’s saying something because I love Roger Corman but that film sucks. And I’m still more willing to see it than I am to see this new film. It just looks awful- has since the first pics leaked.



Add to that everything that is being said about it… When reviewers are saying to leave before the end of the film, there is something wrong!

And on top of that, there’s been a ton of drama since the release with a “he said/she said” flavor to it, with the director blaming the studio and vice versa. It doesn’t matter which one is more to blame for this shit show… they all should’ve known better.


Look… I’m just gonna watch the last two Fantastic Four films… I can hit mute on Jessica Alba and enjoy baby Chris Evans, Julian McMahon hamming it up, and Ioan Grufford. Mmmmmmm… much better.


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