Help Marian Call fund her next album, ‘Standing Stones’

17 Aug

Marian Call is a Nerdlush favourite; residing in Juneau, Alaska, Marian has been making music since 2007, singing about spaceships and dragons and technology and what it means to be a geek. After funding her previous Kickstarter which enabled Marian to tour Europe, release a live album, 2 cover albums and a music video, Marian is back to fund her next big studio album: Standing Stones.

photo credit- Brian Adams,

photo credit- Brian Adams,

In true Marian Call fans’ fashion, the Kickstarter was funded within the first 24 hours but that’s no reason for you to not add your pledge. There are some great stretch goals to hit including an acoustic version of the album, which is about to fund, plus more music videos and Marian singing The Hills Are Alive on top of a mountain in Alaska.

Rewards include digital singles, 5 digital albums + the new album, physical CDs, a chapbook, gigs and the Jazz Jukebox, and if you’re a fan of jazz then this may very well be the reward for you. Marian will record ANY cover song or a brand new original for you with a jazz combo.

For further details on Standing Stones visit the KickStarter or view the fine print and go here for all the music.

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