Stargate SG-1 Minicaps / Season 5, Eps. 13-16

9 Aug
The Stargate SG-1 Season Two Minicaps only used that extra Gate once, and it was for business purposes only.

The Stargate SG-1 Season Five Minicaps never got an E-Vite to the big System Lord get together. Oh well, their loss.

Stewart here…

SG-1 had to deal with one of their most advanced allies, the Tollans, being taken out by a Goa’uld invasion force. What they don’t know is the mastermind of this attack is an unknown System Lord, but has Tanith (Teal’c’s nemesis) under his/her wing. So who is this new big player in the events of the show? Well, let’s get some answers in this round of Minicaps…

“Proving Ground”

O’Neill is breaking in a new group of SG team recruits, including Hailey from last season’s “Prodigy”, and he’s not warming them over with his tough education skills. But during a random training exercise, O’Neill and his team discover an alien incursion into the SGC. With most of our heroes seemingly under alien control, these cadets are the only ones who can retake the complex. But, is this invasion really happening or just another training exercise?


Most formal hazing EVER.

–While we will see Lts. Elliot and Grogan again this season, this marks the last we see of Hailey and Satterfield (although Grace Park would go on to another popular Sci-Fi show not long after this).

–So, who guessed correctly that the whole invasion was a training exercise for the cadets? I was thrown by the double bluff of Elliot trying to save Hailey being, well, another training exercise.

–Funny moment between O’Neill and Daniel as Daniel asks if the cadets have been lead to shoot him or take him prisoner. O’Neill doesn’t answer, but its the former.

–That camera pan reveal with Daniel taking out the cadets in the opening simulation was pretty good.

–O’Neill’s assessment of Grogan: He’ll make a fine target. He’s good at getting shot.”

“48 Hours”

During an off world battle with Tanith, the team escapes before Teal’c brings down Tanith’s cruiser ship. But thanks to said ship crashing and damaging the gate, Teal’c’s escape leaves him stuck in the memory buffer of our gate, unable to be retrieved. So the SGC has to keep their gate unopened to keep Teal’c from being erased, which requires some negotiation with the Russians. And worse, Simons shows up telling them they need to restart gate schedules in two days, recovering Teal’c or not, so we gots problems this episode.


“Say greetings to my little friend!”

–This marks the first appearance of Dr. McKay (or Rodney as he’ll be later referred to as) in the Stargate shows, and don’t worry about him being a colossal jerkwad as he is towards Carter, he’ll mellow down (not by much) in time.

–Also, McKay gets shipped off to Russia to handle their Naquadah reactor program. Fair trade for SG-1 use their DHD and trashing it bringing Teal’c back.

–Maybourne shows up again (which, I’m sure for a wanted traitor to the U.S., isn’t easy) to help O’Neill find out about Simmons and his Goa’uld prisoner. But O’Neill is the one who gets out of making a bad deal with the prisoner by merely examining surveillance footage of Simmons’ talk with his Goa’uld captive to get the information needed.
And Simmons? Oh, he gets kicked off the base, and maybe put into custody for, well, being a jerk, I’m sure.

–For whatever reason, there were plans to have a more dramatic showdown with Teal’c and Tanith, but when it wasn’t possible to shoot that, Tanith was put into that cruiser via CG to meet his explosive end.

–“Well, believe it or not, you owe your life to a Goa’uld!” “Never!” “Oh yes!”


When news of a major System Lord get together reaches our heroes, SG-1 and the Tok’ra plot an elaborate scheme with Daniel going undercover as a saboteur. But there are massive complications to the plan, like the arrival of Osiris (still in the body of Daniel’s lady friend from last season), the Goa’uld who could ID’d Daniel. And then there’s the System Lords being attacked by the oldest and deadliest one of them all: Anubis! Oh, and the Tok’ra have only the rest of SG-1 to help defend their base from a major Goa’uld invasion force, but since this is a two-parter, cliffhanger!



–Elliot from “Proving Ground” gets a Martouk’s amazingly still alive symbiote inside of him to save him from that fatal injury in the Tok’ra lair. Awkward times coming?

–A noteworthy thing downplayed is the introduction of System Lord Ba’al, who would go on to be an adversary that hangs around until the end of the show (and somewhat beyond that).

–So Osiris seems to be recruited to help Anubis, which would explain why she doesn’t call out Daniel in that big System Lord meeting.

–Daniel’s got a ring with technology based on that alien from “The Fifth Man” to mask his identity from the System Lord he goes to the summit with. I’m sure this will come in handy soon…

–“Daniel Jackson, you are a long way away from home, aren’t you?”

“Last Stand”

While Daniel escapes a potentially fatal discovery by Osiris, he still has a problem with poisoning the System Lord summit. That problem is Anubis, who really isn’t concerned with that Asgard treaty to protect Earth, wants the other Lords to align with him, or be destroyed. And elsewhere, Daniel’s teammates and the symbiote possessed Elliot try to escape from the massive Goa’uld attack raining down on them. Can either Daniel or the rest of SG-1 get out of their prospective messes?


Smokey the Bear needs to update his forest safety tips to include “alien cargo ship crash”.

–Yu ends up in a fight with Osiris as Daniel escapes onto Jacob’s ship, but also is the only System Lord who remembers how bad Anubis was back then and how bad him returning really is. He’s not wrong.

–The mortally wounded Elliot stays behind with the poison to use on many Goa’uld before he dies. And how does that go? Well, we don’t see Elliot or Lantash in the series (kind of) again, so, probably well.

–That cargo ship crash through the forest was pretty good.

–Well, some (but not all) of the Tok’ra are out of the picture now, which means Anubis’ attack on their base wasn’t a complete success.

–“Yeah, you’d think a race advanced enough to fly around in spaceships would be smart enough to have seatbelts on ’em.”

NEXT TIME: SG-1 has to stop an asteroid from colliding with Earth in “Fail Safe”, the team seeks an alliance with the leader of a major Jaffa rebellion in “The Warrior”, an android woman may be as innocent as it seems in “Menace”, and the team must team up with convicted NID operatives to save a planet in “The Sentinel”.

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