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ARROW Season 3×03, “Corto Maltese” recap

22 Oct


Welcome back, Arrowheads! Last time we were here, Team Arrow was searching for Sara’s killer, and despite stopping a deadly archer assassin, got no joy and not Sara’s killer. I suppose we’ll get to that eventually, but there’s other things to mention before we get to this episode. For instance, Laurel keeping Sara’s death a secret from dad (he has a heart condition!), Felicity taking Ray Palmer’s new high paying job, and Ollie finding out Thea’s not so much “on extended vacation”, but “just getting away from everyone”, and deciding to bring her home. I’m sure finding out about Thea will be nothing in comparison to when he finds out his baby sister is being taught to fight by Malcolm Merlyn! Yeah, the mass murderer and not dead Malcolm Merlyn! I smell an awkward reunion on the horizon… Continue reading

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