FRINGE Final Season Recap: “In Absentia”

6 Oct

Welcome to another recap of FRINGE!  Let’s get going before someone ambers your computer…

Last we left our heroes, they are trying to survive in 2036, which is under control of the folically challenged superhuman The Observers.  The team managed to find Olivia, and lose Walter, but get him back to discover a plan to stop the Observers is in Walter’s head, which is next to unrecoverable thanks to the Observers’ interrogation.  Plus, egg sticks exist.  Egh.  The future sucks.

Heading back to the lab.  Olivia suggests Walter may have kept notes on the missing plan, and the only place he could have done that is at the lab at Harvard, which is under Observer control.  After sneaking in through underground tunnels (and really, you’d think the Observers would have been a bit more thorough in examining the place), they get to the ambered lab to find an old betamax camera in the amber.  Needing a laser to cut it out, they need to get the power grid back up in the lab, which would be easier said than done, if it wasn’t for that security guard that just wandered in.

A bad day for a security guard.  The poor sap who just happened to walk in on Team Fringe gets tied up, and thanks to some jury-rigged Observer tech, gets interrogated by Henrietta by being aged rapidly.  Olivia isn’t quite the hardass that her daughter is and tries to empathize with the guy to give up what he knows.  He spins a story about him having a family who was rocked by a resistance bombing, and knowing the human resistance will probably kill him, tries to get Olivia to help him.  But, Henrietta knows enough to realize he’s probably lying to save himself, which turns out to be correct.  Besides avoiding having an eye gouged out for the team to get past the security monitors to the main circuit board, Henrietta’s swayed enough by her mother’s terror over what her daughter has become to let the guy go anyway.  Still, the guy has a lot of gray on him to explain to his superiors, even if he says he will help the resistance now.

Human experiments.  Peter and Henrietta sneak into the science lab where the power supply is, and discover the Observers have been doing all kinds of weird experiments on people (including one of Henrietta’s resistance colleagues, Simon from “Letters of Transit”, whose head minus body is being kept alive).  Peter assures her daughter that a reckoning against the bald freaks is coming, but not now.  They get the power to the lab working, and get the tape out, which leads to…

Searching for Betamax.  The tape is a message from Walter to whomever finds it that he has left tapes detailing specific parts of his plan scattered in various locations.  It just so happens Walter and company are the ones who get the task of putting it together.  So we’re on the equivalent of a scavenger hunt for the time being this season.  At least this should be less eventful than finding some horcruxes, right?


So we’re going on a quest this season, in probably more ways than one.  Henrietta might be needing to find some of the humanity she lost along the way fighting the Observers, Peter and Olivia need to regain their daughter, Walter needs to find his marbles and the tapes, and maybe help humanity win the fight against these bald future human-type guys.  While this seems like a plot development straight out of a 80’s cartoon show, the whole quest thing should bring in some more single episode tales done before the series is over.  We’re hitting the road!

–Fun Walter Facts: Loved hanging around the steam tunnels underneath Harvard in Speedos with William Bell way back when, and he really loves his LaserDisc player.  And somewhere between season our and his ambering, he switched to eating grape licorice.  This is a shock to him.

–Rules to remember about college campus security: “Well, that’s never stopped a man on acid.”

–Observers also can’t control pigeons.  Good to know.

–“In a pig’s eye.”  A joke made even creepier by Walter working on formaldehyde pig eyes.

So what do you think so far?  Looking forward to some questing time?  Comment below…

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