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Television Graveyard, plot 16~ Lois & Clark

17 Oct

The early 90s attempted to reignite the love for genre TV. Two shows were already presented in this column- SeaQuest DSV & The Flash– but the primary networks had several other shows on air that they used to try to bring in the genre crowd. NBC ran a pair of dramas on Saturday night- The Pretender and Profiler– that they used to dominate the thrill/suspense group. CBS was king of the mysteries. And ABC had a tight grip on the “family” audience with their Friday night line-up of sitcoms. So they tried their darnedest to transfer that audience to a genre with the family friendly Superman series, Lois & Clark.


And it sort of worked. Continue reading

2014 Emmy Nomination’s… do you agree?

10 Jul

This morning, the nominations for the 66th annual Primetime Emmy Awards were announced. Admittedly, I have been very limited in watch I watch due to time and accessibility, but… I have to admit that I think they missed quite a few worthy nominations. Even if they didn’t win, there are still episodes and performances that should have been given the recognition of the nomination. Continue reading

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