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Sunday Night Viewing w/ Ash and Western Robots!

8 Oct

Stewart here…

Mild SPOILERS within…

Do you feel Fall TV slowly coming in? Besides all the shows I’ll be covering for here starting with Arrow this week (and yes, Legends of Tomorrow next week), there’s plenty of returning and new shows I won’t have time to cover. So to do a little lip service on that front, I’ll be briefly talking about two shows that premiered on Sunday that you might want to put on your radar. Continue reading

My Review of Season One of ASH VS. EVIL DEAD!

9 Jan

Stewart here…

And mild spoilers here, but bigger ones further in…


So, as I wrote in my glowing review of the first episode, I was enthusiastic about Ash vs. Evil Dead, but unsure how it would go being a ten episode season of half hour long episodes. Heck, that’s longer than the whole Evil Dead trilogy put together! So now that I have seen the whole first season, where do I stand? Generally positive, with a few concerns. But we’ll get there… Continue reading

Groovy! A Review of the first episode of Ash Vs. Evil Dead!

3 Nov


Stewart here…

One of my formative experiences in life may have been my exposure to the Evil Dead movies. Oddly enough, it came through the third movie, Army of Darkness, which lead me back to the original and eventually Evil Dead 2 (the best of all three). I even enjoyed the recent remake (maybe connected to the original based on that little teaser in the end credits), so when hearing of a new cable series on Starz that would follow the events of the original trilogy, Ash vs. Evil Dead, I had reservations. Oh, not that I thoroughly doubted this whole endeavor, especially knowing Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi were on board, but a series? Really? Continue reading

90s Movies In The House!

18 Jun

Stewart here…

Some months ago, we briefly touched on movies of the 90s. As I have been occupied with other things (like say, covering a weekly TV show for this very site), I can finally sit down and list off some of my favorite movies of the 90’s: Continue reading

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