90s Movies In The House!

18 Jun

Stewart here…

Some months ago, we briefly touched on movies of the 90s. As I have been occupied with other things (like say, covering a weekly TV show for this very site), I can finally sit down and list off some of my favorite movies of the 90’s:


Grosse Pointe Blank— John Cusack heads home for his high school reunion, but unlike mine, his involves reconnecting with a high school sweetheart and having to fight off hitmen coming for his head. Watch this hitman deal with his own personal neuroses, shooting people, people shooting at him, and the horror of discovering your childhood home is now a convenience store. It also helps it has a great soundtrack to boot.


Dark City— A man awakens to discover his world is being manipulated by evil forces, and before you start saying this is The Matrix, this is Dark City. And in Dark City there’s bald men (with aloens in their skulls) changing and experimenting on a city, which gets complicated when one citizen wakes up during the experiment and ventures out for the truth, and its a big doozy. You get Jennifer Connelly, Kiefer Sutherland channeling his inner Peter Lorre, and some amazing visuals in this mixture of a film noir and Sci-Fi thriller. Also you get the best psychic war climax this side of Akira.


From Dusk Till Dawn— I could’ve picked any movie of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez alone for this, but this team-up is certainly the most balls-out fun. What starts out as a violent road movie with two brother thieves making a run for the border (and NOT Taco Bell) turns into a ultra-violent under siege by vampires movies set in a topless bar/ancient temple. There’s violence, comedy, body parts, rocking music, and yes, vampire ladies. Plus this movie succeeded where Return of the Killer Tomatoes failed in giving George Clooney a career in movies.


Men In Black— The basis of my sister’s wedding party, this 1997 Sci-Fi comedy gives us Will Smith (pre-After Earth) and Tommy Lee Jones (the perpetual grump) as cops who take care of alien crime on Earth. It’s a fun and inventive ride with great alien effects, witty humor, and yes, that theme song. And I wondered what was missing in its sequels, and it turns out, good theme songs.


Army of Darkness— I think this is pretty much a no-brainer for the list. I mean, the third movie in Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead series? Bruce Campbell fighting a legion of the undead in a medieval world? Wonderful quips? Lunatic sequences? Hilarious and comical violence against Bruce Campbell? What else could you possibly want in a 90’s movie?

With the upcoming TV show on the horizon, this is a great time to go on this fun ride again. Double feature with Evil Dead 2, and you got a great night of horror and fluid-based comedy.


This is clearly a small list of some of my favorites (or fun ones you readers can pick up for a smile or two), but hey, what are your favorite movies from the 1990’s, dear readers? You got some guilty pleasures from the era? Comment below, and let’s chat below about it…

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