DC TV Recap Round-Up, Week 22: Doubling Up On Recaps!

26 May

Welcome back! Well, this is just a weird time for this column. Besides Arrow, we got only two other adjacent DCTV shows on right now (and don’t ask how we’re gonna address things when Flash ends it’s season ahead of Supergirl), so as a result, we’re doubling up on recaps for both Supergirl and Flash for now! That means a lot of ground to cover, so let’s get to it…

“In Search of Lost Time”

Last time, we learned J’Onn’s dad had the equivalent of Martian dementia, and while that’s bad news in itself, there’s another problem. You see, this is causing M’yrrn’s psychic abilities to explode out in unpredictable ways, like violent behavior in random people. The DEO has a solution in a psychic dampener that will shut off M’yrrn’s powers, but he takes to that badly, and unleashes a wave of angry psychic energy on everyone in the DEO. And once that causes a jailbreak in some of the DEO’s containment cells, it gets really messy.

Eventually, J’Onn manages to get through to his father long enough to put the dampener on and stop the chaos in the DEO building. On the subject of getting through to people, Lena is trying to show Sam that her lapses in time are because she’s Reign. Sam doesn’t believe that, but once confronted with visual proof of her switching over, she asks Lena to help her and keep her daughter safe. Wanna take bets how long that lasts?

Awww, let’s all hug Martian Dad, huh?

–What is the beef with that woman from DEO Human Resources, anyway?

–Apparently we got smart capes for Kara and Mon-El now. Whoop-dee-do.

–Wait, does Kara still work at CatCo? Not for a while, I would imagine.

–Charades is a hard game to get, even for a Martian with dementia.

–“The son becomes the father, the father becomes the son.” A nice callback to a line from Superman: The Movie.

“Of Two Minds”

So we finally get notice of the third Worldkiller, Pestilence, arriving into town, and knowing that this Worldkiller is responsible for The Blight in the Legion’s time, it’s imperative that they find this last baddie. The problem (well, several problems, actually) is that Imra wants to kill Pestilence before The Blight ravages her home planet, and Kara, not so much. Also they don’t know who Pestilence is, and with people being infected with her deadly virus like Winn, they need to hurry up on that! Once they find Pestilence is a surgeon who’s already drifted to evil worldkilling, they have to get a sample of her DNA to make a cure.

They manage to get their sample, but are unable to collect Pestilence, especially after being collected by Purity. So with a cure for Pestilence’s virus made, that’s it, right? Well wrong, because they track the two Worldkillers straight to L-Corp, where they find Lena still trying to help Sam get rid of Reign. The two baddies break Reign out, leaving our heroes with a lot of questions to figure out in the next episode.

Reign, Purity, and Pestilence: the most metal band name in the DC TV universe!

–So we get a reason for Brainy to appear more normal in a image modifier. And leave it to Winn to be the only one to not be shocked by his new appearance.

–Apparently James still works at CatCo. Also, CatCo still exists. Just thought I should pass that along.

–Sam is basically trapped in some nether region when Reign takes over, and vice versa. Is that the same for the other Worldkillers and their human identities?

–“Facetiousness. It’s my greatest weakness.”

–“I had to purchase some apple cider vinegar, and I almost caused a riot at the Piggly Wiggly.”

“Fury Rogue”

Team Flash is in a bad place right now with the loss of Ralph and those other bus metahumans, but there’s still one of those metahumans not yet claimed by DeVoe: the nuclear powered Fallout. But how do they stay ahead of the always ahead DeVoe? Well, they enlist help from Earth X in Citizen Cold to keep Fallout from overheating as they transport him to a secure ARGUS location. DeVoe comes calling to take Fallout, but gets stopped along with Team Flash by another visitor from Earth-X: their evil Laurel Lance, Black Siren-X! She’s not cool with our heroes helping kill her crush, the evil Oliver Queen, back in the Crisis on Earth-X crossover, so she wants to use Fallout to blow the hell out of Central City!

Before we can ask why this Black Siren doesn’t just destroy Star City (I mean, Flash didn’t kill Nazi Ollie, people), we learn Barry has been putting away his emotions over what happened to Ralph, and Leo has to remind him grieving may help him focus on stopping Black Siren-X and DeVoe. He’s right of course, and Barry manages to knock out the Evil-er Laurel and get Fallout to that ARGUS facility…just as DeVoe wanted. Meantime, Harry has to reveal to Cisco that his exposure to dark matter through the thinking cap is causing his intelligence to slowly vanish. And oh yeah, Marlize is starting to see her husband Clifford is becoming less of the man she loved than ever. Well no kidding, his mind is in another person’s body (again)!

Good to see this lovable mug again.

–So for the foreseeable future (or at least until whenever another special season of Prison Break is finally made), this looks like Wentworth Miller’s last appearance as any Leonard Snart. But who knows?

–Once again, Barry goes see that therapist from earlier this season.

–When you hear the weird multiverse spanning history of Laurel Lance in the Arrowverse, yeah it’s quite insane.

–So Caitlin has some kind of DNA strand that suggests she was always able to be Killer Frost before, but now it’s a question of how to bring her back.

–“‘Broke the thermostat again. I think it hates me.'”

“Therefore She Is”

The Thinker and his wife are going on a shopping spree –the five finger discount kind– for material for this Enlightment project they are creating. But it starts becoming clear to Marlize that her husband is clearly losing his humanity, which we should have suspected was the case based on the flashbacks of this episode, as we see her love affair with Clifford begin and hit a few bumps. One big bump is his plan to rid the world of technology in a truly radical way. Well, its worse than that as we discover the Enlightment is a plan to lower the intelligence of everyone on Earth so Clifford can rule them!

Meanwhile, Cisco has to get Gypsy for some help on Team Flash’s newest plan to take down the Thinker, but they are going through a rough patch. That boils over to both of them realizing their goals aren’t meshing together, so they break up, and not through one of those weird breakup cubes either. While Clifford grabs the material he needs for his plan, Marlize decides to finally take off and leave her husband behind. Oh, and that mystery girl we’ve been seeing all season is probably a speedster.

Oh man, she’s taking his super chair in the divorce! Cold-blooded!

–Caitlin still thinks she can get Killer Frost back through some adrenaline reaction, which doesn’t really work. Maybe a new approach?

–On Harry’s front, the Team learns about his regressing intelligence problem, and gets a surprising assist from Cecile and her mind reading skills to figure out the whole Enlightment scheme.

–Barry really needs to read the room when it comes to fixing relationships.

–Earth-19 has a speedster too.

–“I think his exact words were, ‘That little son of a Breacher better call me, or they won’t find what’s left of his body’.”

NEXT TIME: Another two weeks worth of recaps continues with: Supergirl confronts the three Worldkillers and tries to save Sam’s daughter from Reign; and The Flash has to team up with an unlikely ally and stop The Thinker from launching his Enlightenment plan!

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