DC TV Recap Round-Up, Week 17: Ghosthouse Rock!

27 Mar

Welcome back! We got a nice full plate of recaps this week (unlike say the next few weeks), with Black Lightning, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow! So let’s jump into it…


Well, we have quite a few things happen this time around. Besides Black Lightning being hunted by the cops for the murder of Lady Eve (which he didn’t do), it seems a higher up in whatever group Gamby was a part of wants Black Lightning not so much arrested, but straight up dead. Meantime, Jefferson and Anissa search for evidence to clear Black Lightning of this frame job and find one of the Lightning weapons and dead assassin involved. But before the evidence can be delivered to Detective Henderson, some unknown goon destroys the evidence (and himself).

Gamby has some explaining to do, especially when Lynn puts together that Gamby moved into Freeland at the same time those children were kidnapped to be experimented on years ago. He comes clean with Jefferson about who he is: an secret government agent meant to scout out children with superpowers, and who leaked information about this to Jefferson’s father. Jefferson is rattled by this reveal, but I’m sure he’ll be more surprised by another reveal that happens during this episode. Jennifer has some kind of lightning power appear, and decides to tell Anissa about it! We’re about to continue to the long string of awkward chats in the Pierce household!

Pretty sure their phone company doesn’t cover flash burning for their iPhones!

–Lala is back reconnecting with his crew, and besides wandering around town, is being teased in the shower by a naked ghost Lawanda that only he can see. So that’s happening.

–When Gregg Henry guest stars, there’s a high probability he is a bad guy, and certainly after hearing him trash talk everything about Freeland to Gamby, confirms that.

–Lynn puts the puzzle together fast, once she discovers the Green Light drug is basically the same as the sample found in Jefferson’s dad’s stuff.

–No Tobias this week. Apparently he’s still recovering from his gunshot.

–This conspiracy can afford to get nuclear powered lightning guns, but not afford the effort to bury an assassin and said gun in a grave deeper than ONE FOOT?

–Interesting moment in the training where Jefferson points out attacking a hologram guy who just happens to have a Confederate T-shirt doesn’t prove he’s a threat. Maybe a fool, but a gun wielding threat? Difference there.

–“Ok, now I realized the first rule of going on a stakeout.” “Going to the bathroom first?”

“Run, Iris, Run”

While Harry is working on a cool thinking cap to to stimulate his brain into being as good as DeVoe (albeit against Cisco’s wishes, because, look at DeVoe, the last guy who used such a device), Team Flash is searching down another one of the metahumans on DeVoe’s list. This metahuman has the power to swap powers between whatever two people touch him, and that’s what happens when Barry and Iris end up getting that magic touch. So while a depowered Barry and the Team have to search for the metahuman, Barry now has to help Iris learn how to use her new superspeed. And if you’ve seen the last few seasons of this show, you know that’s easier said than done.

Iris has to really step up when one of the metahumans that our featured metahuman, Matthew Kim, ran into earlier gets his fire powers transferred accidentally into a rocker cliche of a guy. She has to create a focused tidal wave of water to snuff out the fire guy, and after getting Barry’s powers back to him thanks to Kim, she decides to try going back to blogging about the Flash again. Meantime, Harry’s thinking cap experiment works out well thanks to Cisco finally helping out, and now the Team knows who the last metahumans are on DeVoe’s list! So that’s it until April!

Maybe a better mask next time because, I’m sure someone wonders why that Star City reporter is a speedster!

–So, wow, maybe tone it down, meta rock n’ roll guy! Jeez!

–Kim is going to the hanging around for a bit, or as long as it takes for DeVoe to possess his body.

–So Barry is still on his forced leave of absence from…um, his job…which was…um, what was it again?

–“I got hangers!”

–“Mad science is an area of study, it’s not a degree.”

“Amazing Grace”

The Legends get a bead on the mystery sixth totem, and it seems to have ended up in early 50’s Memphis, in the possession of the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley! That totem is apparently stuck in Elvis’ first guitar, the one he would use to start his career, and it may also be the guitar that ends it before it even starts. You see, the totem has a funny little power of resurrecting the dead as ghosts! And then there’s even getting Elvis out from under the thumb of his preacher dad to even get his first songs played on the radio.

But the real story is the loss of one of the smallest Legends (sorry Ray, making yourself small doesn’t count) this episode: Axel, their pet rat. Well, this loss deeply affects Mick, because he loses a buddy in sandwich eating. And even when Axel’s ghost returns briefly when the death totem is switched on, he still ends up dead. RIP Axel: you will always be remembered, even in that one brief period the timestream was altered long enough that you went by the name of Josh Groban.

Well at least the ghost thing happened before they tossed him in the garbage.

–I’m just more amazed Wally and Zari were able to walk around in 1950’s Memphis. It wasn’t the most inviting place for everyone back then. Also, did Wally dab during that dance scene?

–Apparently the crew loves Sara’s “pizazz” when announcing where they are going. It’s a thing now.

–Zari being ticked off Wally bested her Pac-Man high score. Also, Trombone Hero.

–“What happened to my trademark volume and sheen?”

–“Who the hell’s Josh Groban?”

–“I remember the first time I met Axel. It was in the vents. I was tiny Atom. He was a big rat. And he tried to eat me. I knew we would laugh about it one day together.”

Cue “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”.

NEXT TIME: While The Flash takes a break for a few weeks, Black Lightning deals with betrayal and Jennifer now having superpowers, and the Legends have to fight a Mallus possessed Sara! Plus, a review of the first episode of Krypton!

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