DC TV Recap Round-Up, Week 16: FlashTime Out!

15 Mar

Welcome back! So let’s get to another week of recaps of Black Lightning, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow!

“Equinox: The Book of Fate”

Things are coming to a head this week, as Jefferson wonders what he can do about Anissa, now that he knows she has superpowers too. He is cautious about her wanting to help him fight crime, but Lynn realizes Anissa might be better off learning how to deal with it through Jefferson and Gamby’s help. Gamby is not the most trustworthy guy right now, and for good reason, since he talks with Lady Eve about getting rid of Tobias. She suggests another way to handle matters, which is to kill Joey Toledo, and after he does that, plant evidence to let Tobias know that Lady Eve was behind the hit! Looks like we’re getting a mob war!

Unfortunately for everyone, it goes badly when Jefferson confronts Tobias, only to have Tobias’ sister get killed by stray gunfire and Tobias escaping injured. That’s bad enough, but we learn Tobias had a hit going at the same time on Lady Eve, one where she got fried by lightning guns and points to Black Lightning as the culprit! And what about that scene with LaLa (you remember him?) NOT DEAD and waking up in a motel room with some weird ghost LaWanda hovering over him? What does any of that mean?

“Oh hey, Black–Jefferson, is that you?” “Uh, naw, it ain’t that guy.” “YOU’RE SIX FEET FROM ME! I KNOW IT’S YOU!”

–Anissa gets a hard lesson in collateral damage too, when she finds out the reporter she got the info on her granddad from died in a car wreck. Sure he did.

–It’s very fleeting, but we hear about the two thugs who attacked Lynn last episode, and they are found dead.

–Yeah, I don’t think Jennifer buys this whole weird behavior from her dad and older sister one bit.

–Creepy quiet henchwoman is apparently named Syanide, because sure, why not?

–“I think we both know you’re more than that.” Do you though, detective?

–“Be better than me.”

“Enter Flashtime”

Jesse Quick arrives in town to chat with Harry just in time to help The Flash with a BIG problem: as in someone setting off a nuclear bomb in the middle of the city! Barry does that could time slowing thing he did a few episodes back to try and figure out a solution, and Jesse and an assisting Jay Garrick are around in this stretched out time to help. But all the options, like using Cisco to vibe the bomb away, Caitlin to freeze it, or say, dump it in the Speed Force are all just no-go ideas. And with the strain of staying in this expanded bubble of time affecting our speedsters, there’s only so long they can go without exhausting themselves and the explosion destroying the city.

Leave it to Iris, in what is meant to be a goodbye talk with Barry, to come up with a solution. That solution is grabbing that quartz sphere sent into the Speed Force from the season premiere and using the electricity from there to stop the explosion, which I don’t know how that works, but it does. While Barry recovers from all this exertion, Harry finally reconnects with Jesse over her dead mother. And hey, that girl from Barry’s wedding shows up AGAIN to see Harry and Caitlin at Jitters? Seriously, we need answers to who that is. NOW!

The Flash needs some way to spice up a baseball game.

–I mean, you want to talk about great all-time scenes for this show, that little exchange of memories between Harry and Jesse at the end is certainly one.

–Jay Garrick seems to be retiring to train a new lady speedster, which hopefully means it’s not the last we see of him. He’s such a welcome presence to the show.

–Eden Corp is a fun callback to a terrorist group in the comics, whose terrorist acts lead to the death of Oliver Queen (he gets better).

–That’s a surprising moment during all of this to hear Killer Frost tell Barry to save Caitlin.

–“I don’t know, but I think she said ‘Eden Corp’.”

–“Wally’s not here!” Yeah, we’ll see where he is down below.

–“You’re my lightning rod, Iris.”

“No Country For Old Dads”

In another case of the Legends not really keeping tabs on even their own, they find out via video message that Ray has been taken prisoner by Damien Darhk. They might have some extra help in their search when Rip arrives with Wally West, and can maybe trace Amaya’s stolen totem by both her and Zari communicating with the spirit world. The Darhk family need to reconstitute the destroyed Fire totem, and while Ray suggests a cold fusion solution to do it, he knows that’s impossible because it doesn’t exist in the present. Um, Damien disagrees, admitting he murdered a scientist who cracked that solution in 1960’s Berlin back when he was just a lowly super assassin. Nora takes Ray with her to retrieve the scientist, to prove she can be useful without dead old dad, and also because, daddy issues.

When things go bad for Nora and Ray, daddy Darhk has to step in and help keep them alive from…well, younger-ish him. Ray is able to get the cold fusion formula and the remains of the Fire totem with the help of Wally, but not retrieve Amaya’s totem. That’s too bad, because we learn from her trip to the spirit world those totems are also responsible for keeping Mallus in his prison, a prison that was cracked open thanks to the Legends breaking time last season. Wally decides to hang around with the Legends for now, so hey, we got a speedster on the team! Oh, and it seems Nora is now getting more possessed by the evil Mallus, so father-daughter time is gonna be more awkward.

And thanks to an unfortunate run-in between the head of the Time Bureau and Gorilla Grodd, Agent Sharpe gets a promotion! So why is Rip so concerned about her and Sara’s relationship that he has to delete a file from the Waverider specifically about Ava?

And this is why being a therapist for Damien Darhk is a fatal mistake.

–Looks like the old Ollie Queen long hair wig got dug up for younger-ish Damien.

–Are we trying to sell a possible Ray-Nora Darhk romance because, eh, I don’t know…

–Damien Darhk kills that annoying Alan guy from that dating startup Upswipz we saw in the season premiere. Apparently reflexively swiping directions up and down is a killer. Also, screw Upswipz. You can’t go past 200 years when listing your age.

–Mick is content to hang back with a six-pack for this episode. Or maybe finish his sci-fi romance novel.

–“He was a good man…I think.”

–“We allow light to moderate theft on this ship.”

–“I have to stop Alexander Hamilton from seeing Hamilton: The Musical!”

–“I’m gonna kick my ass!”

–“Use protection.” “Ew.”

NEXT TIME: Black Lightning has to contend with secrets and being framed for murder, The Flash gets a new speedster in…Iris?, and the Legends have to save the King of Rock and Roll!

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