DC TV Recap Round-Up, Week 6: The Danvers Sisters Mysteries!

21 Nov

Welcome back! So, lets get into another week of Supergirl, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow


Kara and Alex head back home to Midvale to spend a weekend at their mom’s house, and mend current woes. Instead of watching these two work through their issues in a whole episode, we instead get a flashback to the past when things weren’t so good with the Danvers sisters. Both girls are going to high school, and each has their own hang-ups about the other: Alex thinks adopted Kara is taking to much attention away from her and Kara just wants to be out there saving people with her powers. They get brought together by a common thing: the murder of a nerdy boy in school who was nice to them.

The sisters become amateur detectives to find out who killed their friend, and run afoul of several potential suspects. But, it’s revealed the likable town sheriff is behind the murder, and almost kills Alex until Kara flies in to the rescue. Oh, and in the present day, the two seem to find some kind of peace and drive on back to National City. I’m sure everyone back there is doing just fine.

“Yay! We get a vacation this episode!”

–J’Onn briefly appears as an FBI agent who looks just like Kara’s mom named Noel Neill. So follow this one: that name is the actress who originally played Lois Lane in the Superman 50’s TV show, and here played by the actress who played Lois Lane in the Smallville TV show.

–The girls were big Gwen Stefani fans. Makes sense.

–Well, the teenage Danvers’ also manage to bust a teacher having a relationship with a fellow student, so good on them. And that kid whose murder they solved? He knew about Kara’s powers and never told anyone! Awwww, he was one of the good ones!

–I don’t know why you would race to the bathroom knowing one sibling would always be able to make it there faster than you.


“When Harry Met Harry”

In the education of being a superhero for elastic Ralph Dibny, Barry gets him to help take down a woman affected by that dark matter burst from the start of the season who can animate statues and use them for crime. She just wants to collect some ancient Indian artifacts and return it to her tribe by any means necessary, and that leads to some hard lessons in superhero priorities for Ralph. On the other hand, when they capture her, he just sends those artifacts back to her tribe anyway. I suppose things worked out, then.

Meantime in the search for this elusive “DeVoe”, Harry and Cisco decide to consult with Harry’s own Council of Harrys, who are definitely an odd bunch that get on our Harry’s nerves. But once he reconciles what good they can offer in this search, they find out where our mystery Big Bad is, and for once, Team Flash is ahead of the game! Of course when they get there, they find our bad guy living in a house, not in that futuristic flying chair we’ve seen him in, but just a regular old wheelchair looking pretty normal. Well, this doesn’t look like one of Flash’s greatest enemies, now does it?

You need to see this Council of Harrys when they have Poker Night.

–So we got a German Harry Wells, a Mcconaughey-esque Wells, and a cyborg Wells. Well, considering the other versions are evil and/or dead, that’s not bad.

–Maybe using your elastic skin to make balloon animals is way creepier than the intention is.

–Ralph’s tights. Yeah, they need some work.

–“For the love of Jeff Goldblum!”

–“It’s like your junk has been burned into my brain.”

–“We had a Cisco on our world too. He was delicious.”

“Helen Hunt”

The Legends head to 1930’s Hollywood to find an anachronism: Helen of Troy, whose appearance in Tinseltown causes two studios to go to literal war! While there, more calamity ensues as the attempt to split up Firestorm leads to a Freaky Friday scenario where Jax and Stein end up in each other’s bodies! Beside running into young Hedy Lamarr, who Stein has a crush on (which makes him appearing in Jax’s body really odd), they run into the cause of the anachronism: Damien Darhk, Eleanor, and Kuasa! But wait, there’s more things that end on exclamation points!

We learn Eleanor is Damien’s grown up evil daughter, and Kuasa is one of Amaya’s grandchildren! And when they finally retrieve Helen and make the bad guys leave, Zari uses a historical loophole to dump her on the Amazonian full island of Themyscira! Yeah, THAT Themyscira! That’s worth a lot of exclamation points!!!

Go, FireStein!!!

–Not to overemphasize Hedy Lamarr’s contribution to humanity (seriously, look it up because it’s fascinating), this also has a cheeky reference to her future shoplifting troubles.

–Helen of Troy causes men to act like monsters, and not by her choice, so she feels trapped even in this new time. Rather oddly timed plot point, considering the recent controversy out of the DC TV camp.

–Of course we had to make a joke about the Kardashians ruining Hollywood. It’s true, but…

–“Getting nasty in the past-y.”

–“I don’t like being inside you anymore than you like being inside me!” Chuckle.

–“I’m something far more ruthless than a Hollywood agent…if that’s possible.”

NEXT TIME: Mon-El returns to Supergirl, the Flash faces a super intelligent super foe, and the Legends go to ‘Nam!

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