DC TV Recap Round-Up, Week 5: Something’s In The Water!

14 Nov

Welcome back! No need for much fanfare or catching up, so let’s get to this week of Supergirl, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow


First Things first: we have to deal with the split of Alex and Maggie this episode, as that pesky issue of Alex wanting children has created a impasse between both of them. They help pack up Maggie’s stuff, have a little farewell sex, and that’s it but the crying. Meanwhile, Lena is running into a PR nightmare when kids are coming down with effects of lead poisoning, and blamed on that lead weapon used to stop the Daxamite invasion last season. Morgan Edge is more than happy to drag Lena through the mud for this, and she does her best to navigate a testy situation, even avoiding an angry parent who takes a shot at her.

What Kara discovers is the children aren’t affected by lead at all, but by chemicals dropped into a pool by Edge to destroy Lena’s good standing. She almost goes full dark side to handle Edge, but ends up trapped on a plane with those same deadly chemicals set to be dispersed into the city’s water supply! Lena gets saved by Kara, her good name restored, and somehow the slimy Edge lives to annoy us another day. With that all squared away, Kara decides to help Alex’s break up blues by taking her back to their hometown. Road trip!

Rest in peace, Sanvers. Sniff.

–Also, Samantha realizes long after the fact she was shot by that angry mother who shot at Lena, but somehow has no injury at all. James on the other hand, takes a bullet in the shoulder. Oh, he’s fine.

–Rather nice action scene of Kara coming to the rescue of Lena on that plane.

–Nothing like Cyndi Lauper to play over your bittersweet drunk goodbye to your girlfriend party.

–“You’re gonna be a great mom.” And I just blubber.

“Girls Night Out”

It’s almost time for Barry and Iris’ wedding, and so both of them get to throw their own bachelor and bachelorette parties! While Barry joins Joe, Harry, Cisco, and Ralph for an unexpected trip to a strip club (and Barry getting really drunk for once), the girls of Team Flash and Felicity Smoak have a party rudely interrupted by a deadly metahuman crime boss known as Ahmunet Black who wants Caitlin, or specifically Killer Frost, back into her fold. While Barry is getting drunk and chewing down on chicken wings, Iris and gang decide to help Caitlin fight the evil crime lady, who besides having control of metal, has an imprisoned metahuman who can cry tears that act like stimulants. Oh yeah, and it’s revealed Caitlin really has been fighting to control that Frost persona since she left last season, and Black is not happy someone she helped wants to cut ties with her.

As the guys dry out in the local jail (apparently alcohol add strip club equals bar brawl), the girls save the imprisoned metahuman, but let Ahmunet go because…reasons, I guess. Joe has the opportunity to think about becoming a dad again, and turns out he’s finally cool with it. Oh, and that poor shackled up metahuman? Turns out he’s part of that baddie in the future chair’s big scheme, and gets scooped up by him rather quickly! Maybe make sure that didn’t happen, ladies?

Somehow, these guys have had an easier night than the ladies had.

–We learn Cecile’s (Joe’s baby mommy) daughter has a part time job at the strip club that Dibny takes the bachelor party to! That becomes an awkward talk, although the least awkward thing that happens to that party.

–Drunk Barry is so cute, whether covered in chicken wing sauce, asking questions about the end of Titanic (“Why couldn’t Rose let Jack rest on the door? There was room for both of them!”), or just blurting out he was the Flash, it was fun times.

–Also, STAR Labs has no security at all, apparently. You would think after three seasons they would fix that.

–Katee Sackhoff plays Ahmunet, and it’s just odd to see Starbuck with an outrageous British accent.

–“Hey, sad Flash, why the face?”

–“Does anything I’m wearing suggest I want to be called ‘ma’am’?”

“Return of the Mack”

The Legends find a bizarre anomaly in late 19th century London as stories of a vampire on the streets seem to be this week’s anachronism. But it’s really about something more once Rip Hunter drops by without his Time Bureau, asking for help from his former crew. That seems weird in itself, but things get stranger once they realize that this is all part of cult activity from followers of Mallus, which include a great great relative of Professor Stein. And the major thing they are doing is trying to resurrect a new ally for Mallus: Damien Darhk!

For obvious reasons, the Legends would not like that to happen, but they don’t count on Rip’s obsession with bringing Mallus out for a confrontation screwing everything up. Damien gets resurrected and escapes with the help of Mallus’ ally, Eleanor, and leaves a lot of Time Bureau people dead in the process. Sara and the Team really are not cool with Rip betraying them like that, so they do the most sensible thing: rat him out to the Time Bureau, who arrest him! He warns the Legends they need to be ready to fight Mallus, which, duh-doy. Enjoy Time House Arrest, Rip!

Sadly, Mick Rory does not get to fulfill his lifelong dream of murdering a vampire. Oh, dreams.

–Once you realize the title of the episode is basically the title of a great 90’s R&B tune, it’s laid out as a great punchline for several scenes (of course Darhk would have it programmed into his watch as a ringtone!).

–Also, some interesting casting with Brandon Routh’s wife, Courtney, as Eleanor, and John Noble as the voice of Mallus.

–So much occurred this episode I forgot to mention Zari learning that going back to time to save her brother from death is a big timestream no-no, or Stein learning of Jax’s plan to split up Firestorm.

–“Because you buried a vampire from the future, you idiot!”

–“Okay, where’s my watch?”

–And now, let’s end this on a fun musical note:

NEXT TIME: Kara and Alex go home and remember the past, the Flash starts training Ralph in the art of superheroics, and the Legends have a Freaky Friday time with the two halves of Firestorm!

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