DC TV Recap Round-Up, Week 3: Is There Luck on Mars?

7 Nov

Welcome back! It’s a bit late, but here’s a look back at the following episodes of Supergirl, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow

“Far From the Tree”

Following up from the climax of last episode, Kara decides to join J’Onn on his trip to Mars to help M’Gann and a band of white Martian resistance fighters. The reason why this gets personal is J’Onn learns his father is somehow still alive and key to finding some dangerous Martian artifact that could turn the tide of war or whatever. Look, this episode is all about J’Onn trying to reconnect with a still traumatized father, and they do eventually. Oh, and Kara uses a Britney Spears song as a distraction, so there you go.

Back on Earth we get Alex and Maggie planning a wedding shower, and Maggie reluctantly offers an invite to her parents, which after learning they abandoned her as a child when she revealed she was gay to them, sounds like a bad idea. It kind of is when only her dad shows up, and he fails to put up with what is going on with her daughter. Turns out daddy wanted to keep her daughter from being persecuted as being gay by trying to keep her from being gay, which is pretty whacked out but true to life logic that sadly does happen. But this all leads Maggie to give up on allowing her family into her life, so I guess that’s progress.

“Hey, everyone! Hop in the Martian mobile! Its time to party!”

–Carl Lumbly plays J’Onn’s dad, and also earlier played J’Onn himself in the Justice League animated series.

–Nice way to save the budget by having J’Onn’s spaceship also able to look like a 50’s open top roadster.

–No subplots with the DEO or our mystery superwoman this week, but I’m sure next episode will fix that.

–“You’re gonna love Bridal Bingo.” “Kill me now.”

“Luck Be A Lady”

Hey, have you been curious why that mystery guy in that futuristic chair has been so interested in certain metahumans of late? Well, we get some answers this episode as Barry and company face off against a lady whose extremely bad luck has turned good (but goes bad for anyone trying to stop her) after a random bus ride with her (and Kilg%re among the bus passengers) got hit with dark matter from…Barry emerging from the Speed Force in the season premiere! So once again, it’s all Barry’s fault! Good thing Harry from Earth-2 is back in town to help things out.

Meantime, the Allen clan has been having its own share of surprises. Barry and Iris are still getting married, despite the failed attempt to try a quiet ceremony earlier being jinxed by Hazard. Jesse Quick broke up with Wally (in maybe the most unintentionally dickish way you can), which leaves him taking off to get some alone time. Oh and Joe is about to be a dad again, which I’m sure is going to lead to an awkward conversation down the road.

Welcome back, Harrison Wells that wasn’t evil and/or died!

–That Harry from Earth-2 got kicked off his reality’s Team Flash is not all that surprising when you think about it. He is kind of a jerk.

–So we mark off 2 out of the 12 bus passengers from that exposure to dark matter now that we know about. Also, maybe not keep that samurai robot head in the main hall, where say, our Big Bad can watch you!

–The “breakup cube” might be the nice way to let your significant other go, but jeez, maybe read up on Earth-1 break up methods. Just saying, Jesse, that was a dick move.

–“Don’t ever go into the crawlspace.”


The Legends head to an era closer to their own: 2042, where ARGUS has become an authoritarian regime, and is about imprisoning metahumans and religious prosecution now. But specifically, the Team is looking into a time traveling metahuman who can manipulate water (the one who was resurrected by that mystery bad guy earlier this season), who is hunting down an elusive fugitive hacker named Zari. She’s Muslim, and she’s willing to accept their help fighting off water vixen Kuasa if they help bust Zari’s brother out of ARGUS custody. Of course, this is all subterfuge for her breaking into that prison to get an amulet that is not unlike Amaya’s amulet (and it’s an amulet Zari’s brother has before he died).

It goes without saying both amulets are connected to each other, and both Amaya and Zari might be needed to stay together to fight that evil Mallus guy, so we got a new shipmate! Also that Agent Sharpe from the Time Bureau is threatening after getting owned in stopping the Legends again to go after them hard next time and blah blah blah. Look, when are Sara and Sharpe going to make out is my question. Oh, and in the past, very young Ray Palmer makes a new friend in…an alien!

There’s a time and place to get high, Nate. Right now isn’t one of them.

–Oh, Gary. Did you not learn anything from the last time you tried to betray the Legends?

–Stoned Nate is more fun than drunk Nate to be sure. “I can see through my hand!”

–So we got a reference to Prison Break this week. I hope the references to past shows doesn’t become a trend.

–“Open your mouth and say some words.”

–“Really, you saved the world?” “Twice.” “Then why does it still suck?”

NEXT TIME: Kara deals with a cult that worships her, Barry and company meet a man who can really stretch himself, and the Legends try to save young Ray Palmer and his new “pet” in the 80’s.

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