DC TV Recap Round-Up, Issue 1: Season Premiere Time!

18 Oct

Stewart here…

It’s been a while since I did this particular recap series (abruptly so), which focuses on the other DC shows on the CW that aren’t Arrow. These will be way briefer than the regular Arrow recaps here, and with that, let’s get to it by covering the season premieres of Supergirl, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. Let’s start with…


“Girl of Steel”

Last season, Kara lost her little Daxamite love interest Mon-El as he got exiled to space, and how has she been handling the last few months? Well, she’s been way more interested in being Supergirl than Kara Danvers, because she thinks being “Kara” totally sucks right now. It takes a lot of prodding from her friends and family to get her out of that funk she’s in, and it also helps a bad guy is threatening to destroy a big Supergirl memorial statue ceremony with a stealth submarine. It makes a bit more sense when you see the episode.

Kara’s kind of back to enjoying being Kara again, but what about everyone else in Supergirl’s circle? Alex is busy planning her nuptials to Maggie, and like most engagements, there’s still issues to be ironed out. In order to keep sleazebag industrialist Morgan Edge (the secret villain behind that stealth submarine plot) from purchasing CatCo, Lena Luthor decides to buy it out instead. Also, some random mother somehow super lifts an inhumanly heavy metal scaffolding off her daughter during the memorial attack. This would not seem to be very shocking, except she seems to be having visions of Kara’s mom, not unlike the ones Kara is having of her mom and Mon-El! What does all of this mean?

Maybe not dream in mid-air, lest a plane runs into you.

Smallville connection with Erica Durance (Lois Lane from there), replacing the busy Laura Benanti from the last two seasons as Kara’s mom.

—Cat Grant’s turn as White House Press Secretary leads to a couple of nice zingers at our current administration.

—As much as I think Álex will get “the gayest wedding ever”, I keep getting the sinking feeling there’s gonna be some road bumps coming up to that.

—Dumping Morgan Edge on a cargo ship in the middle of the ocean is at least polite of Supergirl, even though she can’t prove he was responsible for this scheme to destroy the waterfront where the memorial was so he could buy it out.

—“Kara Danvers is my favorite person.”


“The Flash Reborn”

So it’s been about a few months later too (surprise), and while Barry is still stuck in the Speed Force from the end of last season, the rest of what’s left of Team Flash (Iris, Joe, Cisco, and Wally) is handling all the crime fighting in Central City. While Kid Flash (still?) and Cisco are capable enough crime fighters, they get thrown a curveball when a giant tech powered samurai arrives, wanting the real Flash to show up, or he’s gonna start attacking the city. What to do? Well, get Barry back, which is not that easy, but once Cisco cajoles a reluctant Caitlin back into the fold, they attempt to pull him out.

They somehow succeed, with a naked Barry flying out of the Speed Force with a serious mental dysfunction from staying in such a crazy place as that. He seems unlikely to snap out of his incoherent and rambling stupor, so Iris figures out a rather insane solution: make herself a hostage of the samurai to bring Barry back. It actually works, and he saves Iris, while discovering the samurai is a robot, that only we know is sent by a mystery man in a cybernetic lounger as part of a bigger scheme. And that plan is yet to be revealed…

He’s got a new suit, and less facial hair (although that’s because he got shaved of that Speed Force beard earlier)!

—We see near the end that Caitlin may not be completely in control of when she’s Killer Frost, or is that the other way around?

—Who wants to take bets all that insane scribbling from freshly returned Barry has some significance to the rest of the season?

—Nice try in trying to fake out the samurai robot by having Wally wear Barry’s Flash costume, but that gets seen through very fast.

—Oh hey, Julian from last season went back to London, and we don’t have a Harrison Wells doppelgänger around yet? Curious.

—“Man, you love urine.”


Time got shattered at the end of last season here, and it looks like our team has to fix the problems of everything out of whack (like say, dinosaurs in modern day L.A.). BUT, a cleaned up Rip reappears just then, along with members of a group called the Men In Blac—ahem, the Time Bureau to basically take over the time clean up. He’s had five years to put together this fill-in for the gone Time Masters, and within minutes, tells his former teammates there services are no longer required. Cut to months later (seeing a pattern here?), the Team is off trying to live normal lives to varying degrees of failure. It’s not until Mick Rory calls them from his favorite vacation spot, Aruba, to report a run in with THE REAL Julius Caesar on the beach that the team reunites.

When they come to Rip with this news, he would rather the Time Bureau handle this because why trust the people who wrecked time to fix this problem? Well, they stubbornly go anyway after stealing the Waverider, and manage to grab Caesar and dump him back in his time with no problem…except he steals a history book and of course, screws up history. Rip’s Bureau Agents try diffusing the situation, but in the end, the Legends manage to fix the problem and gain some freedom to go through the time stream as heroes again. Plus, Rip thinks they might be helpful in fighting a mystery bad guy called Mallus. And of course, they’ll probably screw up time again & again doing it.

The Legends are back to eventually screw things up all over again!

—Oh yes, Amaya is back in Zambesi in the 50’s to fulfill her destiny, but it also seems her powers are a bit more overpowered than usual.

—Who would’ve thought Sara’s brief hellish time in the retail industry would have helped her see Caesar’s trap for the Time Bureau agents?

—Dr. Stein is going to be a grandfather! How is that going to affect the whole Firestorm dynamic with Jax?

—“I’ve been to the future. Like, three times.”

—“Sometimes we screw things up for the better.” Not the most reassuring slogan for your time-traveling super team.

NEXT TIME: Supergirl faces an evil psychic, The Flash has technical malfunctions, and Legends go to the circus!

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