Dusting Off The Shelf: Letter N

4 Apr

As much as I am a closet sap and enjoy a weepfest, the last two films covered that for a bit, I think. So in choosing this weeks title from my backlog of films I felt it was important to take this into account… obviously, this means zombies. Right? It’s obvious. This week I dug up a recent entry into my B movie collection- Navy Seals vs Zombies!

Synopsis: An elite group of Navy Seals is sent in to Baton Rouge after contact is lost- for an unknown reason- with the Vice President while in the area for a campaign stop. What they find is not what they expected. Will they be able to rescue everyone while dealing with a serious biological containment issue?

Why I chose this film: Two main reasons- I adore bad movies. I have a collection of what I consider to be “cult” or B movies. They make me happy. And secondly, Ed Quinn. I love all things with Ed Quinn. Even that shitty Starship Troopers 2 thing (which is barely a D movie, I’m sorry but it’s true). Ed has a charisma that makes even a bad movie watchable. I love that.

Bonus- Rick Fox. Had the chance to meet him several years ago, randomly at a convention, and chat. He’s delightful. So it was a bonus pleasure seeing him in this movie.

Will I watch it again: A) did you read what I said earlier about Ed Quinn? B) um… zombies. Zombies are ALWAYS re-watchable.

“You have to shoot ’em in the head, man, it’s the only way to be sure!”

I want to know how many zombie movies use this sentence. Has anyone studied this? I don’t have the time/energy but I bet the number is more than 5.

I sort of tuned out for a little bit after the helicoptor crash due to adorable cats needing my attention, but don’t feel like I missed anything. This means that the movie also qualifies as background viewing, i.e. something to play while housecleaning (scrub for a bit than tune in for zombie kill shots) or cooking or what have you. That’s not a bad thing.

Why you should watch it too (or run far away!): Do you like zombie movies? OK then… well, this isn’t up to par with 28 Days Later or even the recent Day of the Dead series… but, it’s worth seeing if you like this sort of thing. *shrug*

What do you think?

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