Dusting Off The Shelf: Letter G

14 Feb

Went somewhere completely different this week- Green Room. I really can’t describe this one… in some ways it went how I thought it would but in most- holy crap! I picked this one solely for the cast and basically had no idea what I was getting into…


Synopsis: A punk band takes a gig at a neo-nazi shindig and ends up trapped after witnessing a murder. I mean… what? And Patrick Stewart owns the place.

I mean, this film is a little insane. It starts really slow- have to establish the band and their lack of funds but once they get to this venue… shit literally hits the fan.

Why I chose this film: Patrick Stewart in a horror film.

Also, this is the last film released before Anton Yelchin’s death. The man had so much talent- I really enjoy his work. So I added this to my list in order to complete the filmology.

I’m being honest here. I knew nothing about this film before I picked it up. I think one of my friends saw it and liked it.

Will I watch it again: I’m honestly not sure… There were some great moments- using a mic on a monitor as a weapon, Patrick Stewart as a white supremacist psychopath, fart jokes, and some of the gore… it’s pretty epic. But is that enough to make me watch it again? Maybe as part of marathon or watching with a group.

I legit jumped and gagged a few times. And I’m a pretty tough cookie.

Don’t get me wrong- I liked it. But it is so far out of left field, even for me.

Why you should watch it too (or run far away!): Um… well, if you like disturbing horror-esque, bloody gore films, than Yes, by all means run right out and pick this up.

What do you think?

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