Supergirl: do you believe a girl can fly?

21 Nov

This is not a review. There haven’t been enough episodes to truly review this series yet. This is, instead, me working out whether or not Supergirl is worth my time.


On the one hand, this is a superhero show from Greg Berlanti, one of the brains behind Arrow and The Flash– two of the best shows on TV. (I might be biased with that statement) So obviously, I have certain expectations for Supergirl. With Arrow taking a few episodes at the start to truly find its feet, and The Flash jumping in with both feet of awesomeness, the first expectation was that the pilot ep of Supergirl would blow my mind.

It didn’t.

Kind of left me feeling meh, actually. Sigh.


Secondly, Arrow is dark while The Flash is it’s lighter brother. Supergirl airs on a different network, so it was bound to have a different tone, but holy moly- it has such a lighter tone… it reminds me of the tone of the 80s Superboy.

Superboy_-_TV_SeriesDon’t get me wrong- used to watch Superboy every Saturday with my family when I was a kid but… nearly 30 years later, I have an expectation that my superhero shows will be less cartoony feeling.

Is it just me?

I do really enjoy the diversity in the cast, though. Ladies get an equal or more amount of screen time… colorblind casting was used… And hey, pretty sure- off the top of my head, at least- that the show passes the Bechdel test. So… BRAVO!

For now, I plan to give the series a solid chance. It has a 13 episode order right now, and I will stick with it for all 13. I’m hoping that something will click in the next episode or so and the series will go from being one I DVR and watch when I remember to one that I make time to watch right away (it has conflicted with Gotham, so I have prioritized with the show I already bought into).

mehcad supergirlI do like Melissa Benoist. There’s an innocence to her, along with a courageous heart. So I want to see her become a major superhero. And the rest of the cast is charming. Especially, Mehcad Brooks as James Olsen (he’s “Jimmy” in my head). He’s also super dreamy.

What are your thoughts on Supergirl? Anyone give it a try and already walk away? Anyone fall madly in love? Maybe I’m caught in liking Kara as presented on Smallville?

What do you think?

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