WonderCon 2015: the continuing adventures of this nerdy bunny

7 Apr


Trekked south this past weekend for the annual WonderCon event in Anaheim. The con continues to be a wonderful midsize event that draws a great crowd of awesome nerds. It’s certainly a smaller event than the summer shindig that is SDCC but that works in several ways- easier to breath without quite so many people, it’s easier to get in to events and panels, and without the major studios cramming the exhibit hall it gives fans a chance to actually chat with creators. 


not very stealthy to buy Felicity presents while in costume, Ollie…

Spent Saturday wandering the exhibit hall, which has grown significantly since moving to Anaheim a few years ago. Took over an hour to walk the aisles without stopping to browse anywhere in particular. Additionally, the number of stalls has increased dramatically, but the planners manage to keep most of the walkways wide enough for the crowds. Heck, even the holding pens for lines are nicely organized!

We also made it into the Arena (which we previously had not made it to when attending WonderCon) and caught the iZombie and Gotham panels. There’ll be a writeup later about the panels in particular but let me say this- though iZombie is on my DVR I have not watched it yet, but following the adorable panel… I will be marathoning it ASAP! Also, the Gotham boys are prettier than you think. There may have been swooning.


Ben McKenzie and Robin Lord Taylor, Cory Michael Smith was there too.


I admit nothing.

love Toshwerks!

love Toshwerks!

WonderCon offers plenty of artists selling their wares and enticing fans to pick up their latest project- or even prints from older pieces. But there are also plenty of other wares available. Everything from costume pieces- ever wanting your own corset?- to toys to original bits of art. I picked up a crotchet piece from ToshWerks to go with the one I bought last year. Along with numerous booths of comics- perfect for the collector looking to pick up something new or fill in holes in a collection. And the abundance of options of booths equals an opportunity to find the best price. Want a particular Funko Pop? Take a wander… you can probably find it 50¢ cheaper around the corner.



Sunday offered several panels of interest, but with limited time before having to leave the convention, we were only able to attend the Comics Art Conference Session #8: The Walking Dead Psychology: Psych of the Living Dead. Which… I was on, so it probably doesn’t count as one we attended. Always a pleasure to chat with peers and other scholars about nerdy fun topics. And a great learning experience! We have video and will post it ASAP.

Unfortunately, after another walk through the exhibit hall, it was time to say good-bye to another year of WonderCon. It was a good time, too full for as much socializing with friends as we’d like, but still fun to catch a minute with several pals- including our own Charity! If you like a good con, give WonderCon a chance. The convention moves to LA in 2016 due to construction in Anaheim.

IMG_20150404_172210 IMG_20150404_172055 IMG_20150404_152009

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