An Open Letter to TNT. (or why I had to switch channels)

15 Jan

Dear TNT,

Hey- how are you? I like what you’ve been doing lately. For the most part. I mean- the original programming? Fantastic! You’ve got a really good thing going on!

Keep up the great work.

I do have a wee little bone to pick with you though…

For months, I’ve gotten up frickin’ early for work and happily come downstairs to turn on the TV for some fun background noise as I sip my coffee and have breakfast before heading out into my day of saving the world. That’s a wild exaggeration, but just barely. I’m not a morning person at all, so it’s been fabulous to wake up and have one of my favorite shows- Smallville– on. Sipping my coffee and watching Clark grow into Superman… it was heavenly! And then Charmed comes on… and I get to enjoy mocking the ridiculousness as I finish getting ready and head out for my day.

The perfect start to a perfect day.

Only… it doesn’t work like that anymore.

Just before the new year you changed. You took away my Smallville and gave me Law and Order. WTF? TNT… what were you thinking with this move? I mean… Law and Order? How is that a good morning show? Have you ever watched Law and Order? I mean… TNT, I don’t want you to get me wrong, I like Law and OrderEspecially the Jerry Orbach years.

But it’s not exactly the most fun or exciting show. So… 6am is not exactly the time to air it. 6am is the time for fun! Why do you think morning news shows are ridiculous? It’s because they understand how to attract those early morning audiences- bring in the bright colors and hot people (have you seen the Smallville cast? ridiculous how hot they all were!)

The point is- instead of being able to watch something fun and light, you are giving me a moody and deep and depressing and dark hour of television. Fabulous for the afternoon or evening but NOT right after I get up.

You could’ve chosen to give me Leverage or move Charmed to an hour earlier or a billion other things. But… no. You chose to randomly change your lineup (and apparently only this hour), just not in a good way.

So I’m afraid this is a Dear John letter, TNT. It’s over. I’m with Cartoon Network now. They’re giving me Teen Titans Go! It’s ridiculous and I’m not really a fan, but it’s light and silly and doesn’t try to make my uncaffeniated brain work at 6am. It’s been fun, TNT- I wish you well. But… it’s time to say good-bye.


elizabeth ann xoxo

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