Do I hear a waltz? Track 5

24 Nov

I’m back with some new bits of music that have recently come in to my collection. And they all come from some favorite artists!

steve decadeUp first, the latest offering from Steve Carlson- “Decade”. I don’t think I heard Steve’s music that first year, but I have been a fan for almost a decade so it’s nice to take some of my favorite pieces from the various albums and have them in one collection. With that being said, as this isn’t an album full of new songs, some people may have issues. But if you are new to Steve, this is a great starter album to hear a variety of his music. And I want to mention that the best description I have for Steve’s music is indie because it doesn’t fit in to rock or pop or country… it is all of that, with his own unique flavor. To sum up… I look forward to what comes in the next decade!


head sunThe next disc in the player is Anthony Head’s solo album, “Staring at the Sun”. This album showcases several original pieces from Tony, along with a few covers (several of which his fans have enjoyed for years). This album almost has a jazz feel, with a layer of pop, mixed together with something… magical. Tony’s smooth vocals blend beautifully with the instruments. It’s quite a delicious collection. I’ve waited years to have a new album from Tony and it was well worth the wait!


johnbarrowmanraiseThe final disc in rotation today is John Barrowman’s fan funded album, “You Raise Me Up”. What strikes me about this album is that because it was fan funded, there was no studio making rules about what needed to be on it. Thus… these are all pieces that are personal to John. Several are ones that fans- again- have heard John perform over the years but not in a collection like this. John’s voice makes me happy… which explains why I will always throw one of his albums in my car for adventures.


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