And The Next Round of TV Minicaps Goes To…

26 Nov

Stewart here…

Well, I just recently finished doing minicaps for Smallville, which I’ll admit took longer than I planned to do and ultimately finish. It was laid out as a year long job, and thanks to tons of mitigating factors out of my control, took almost a year and a half. But here I am, at the end of it, and now the question I have is: what show will I review next?

If you remember way back when, I actually did have you, the loyal NerdLush readers, vote to which show I would do next. As I already did the one show that won that voting, Smallville, it made sense to go back and pick the runner-up to do next. So in case you haven’t figured it out, the next TV show I’ll be doing minicaps on is…


That’s right, we’re going through the gate in Stargate SG-1!

So how will this work, you ask? Well, here’s the good news and bad news part of this. First, the bad: we’re not going to start the series proper until this coming January 2015. But, to ease your wait, comes the good news: in or about December (still nailing down when right now as of this writing), I’ll be recapping the movie that started it all: Stargate! That’s right, kids: see a crew cut Kurt Russell and thinner James Spader in a movie from the makers of Independence Day, director Roland Emmerich and writer Dean Devlin, before we get down to ten seasons (and two movies) of Gate action!


Jack Burton and Red Reddington.

As to the format, its pretty much going to stay the same, with a maximum of 4 episodes per post. As to the season highlights, well first off, that’s a while away, so hold your horses there. Second off, if you got any suggestions to potential season categories, like the “‘Indeed’-Counter” for instance, leave your thoughts below for some ideas.  I hate to think I’m doing this for nothing.

Now, to the next pertinent question you may have, does this mean I’ll be doing minicaps of Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe say in a year or so? Well, that will depend on the burnout from doing SG-1, but eventually I would like to. Let’s see if the readership justifies it, people!

So until then, start getting your SG-1 DVDs out of cold storage and I’ll see you back here in January!

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