Fall TV 2014, week 2… what do we think so far?

2 Oct

Here we are middle halfway through the second week of major network TV… how are you holding up? Personally, I’ve gotten back in the swing of two returning shows. And picked up two new ones. Can’t wait til next week and the Flash and Arrow premieres!

What’s new?

Gotham was something I was interested in, but also hesitant to see. I am particular about my origin stories, you know… And this was to be the origin story for a character secondary character- a damn important secondary character, but still…


So here we are, two episodes in- my thoughts? Well, I will commit to the series til the winter hiatus. If it hasn’t 100% grabbed me by then, I’ll revisit in DVD/Netflix. But so far, I’m intrigued enough that I am willing to commit to that, at least.

I am interested in the character development. I am interested in seeing the “villains” develop. So… so far, so good. The pilot episode seemed to try too hard, but the second episode was at a better pace. Typical.

I do have one question- is it supposed to be set present day or 25 years ago? Because if it’s present day, Jim Gordon has an amazing mechanic to keep the heap of junk he drives running.

I am also watching Forever. I have a thing for immortals, I admit it, and the idea behind the series intrigued me. But what has kept me is the dynamic between Henry and Abraham. Also, I adore Judd Hirsch and he should be in everything. Ever.


The show runs the fine line of becoming a police/medical procedural, but so far has balanced that nicely with the genre aspect. I have also enjoyed the character growth over the first three episodes. I admit, the pilot was a tad dry… but ABC did a good thing by running the second ep- which had a lot more energy- the next night, instead of making people wait a week. Honestly, I think that if I’d had to wait that week, I might not have bothered. I’m glad I did.

What’s returning?

Obviously, we love Sleepy Hollow and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. around here. I mean- just look how often we tag those shows in posts! I won’t say too much since you already know how we feel, but I think it’s important to say this- both shows returned with gutpunches to the audience. AoS continued them in the second episode of the season, SH gave the audience a wee break- without turning down any of the energy.


Where is director Coulson going to take the team this year? Well… that scene with gives a clue that whatever the direction is, it is going to be intense! And Kyle Maclachlan!

Was a little disappointed in the lack of Ward in the second episode, but I foresee plenty of stops on his crazy train!

Back to Sleepy Hollow… this is that show that we weren’t supposed to love last year. But we did. And it’s back with a vengeance!


Shirtless headless horsemen in week one… and a new monster- that works for the good guys?- in week two… I cannot wait to see what happens next!

One Response to “Fall TV 2014, week 2… what do we think so far?”

  1. stewartmoncure October 4, 2014 at 7:42 pm #

    Gotham’s wandering around the middling range for me (probably will wait until winter hiatus before deciding on regular viewing). But, SHIELD and Sleepy Hollow are set for weekly watch (unless a massive clustereff happens on either show to change that). Really enjoy the changes on SHIELD, and come on, Sleepy Hollow gave us a Frankenstein monster fighting 2 horsemen of the apocalypse! I’m in!

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