SMALLVILLE Minicaps / Season 7, Eps. 13-16

4 Jun
The Smallville season 7 minicaps apologize for the delay.  Hopefully Bizarro Smallville season 7 minicaps didn't mess thing sup too badly.

The Smallville season 7 minicaps apologize for the delay. Hopefully Bizarro Smallville season 7 minicaps didn’t mess things up too badly while it was here.

Stewart here…

Its all bad news on the Smallville front.  Clark’s finding out what happened while Bizarro Clark had assumed his identity (well, besides schumpting Lana), but not that Bizarro Clark was recently in contact with a reassembled Brainiac.  Kara has been found, but doesn’t remember who she is, but Lex is willing to help her find out.  Speaking of Lex, he’s murdered Grant, the clone of his already dead brother, and something regarding a thing called Veritas is popping up.  We’ll get more on Veritas here, so let’s go…


Hey, Pete Ross is back!  After chewing some kryptonite laced gum (look, don’t ask, I’ll get to this insane bit of product placement in the notes below), Pete gains the ability to stretch himself out like a…Stretch Armstrong figure.  As fun as it is for Clark to have Pete to catch up with (and also explain why Lionel Luthor is kosher with Clark and Lana), Clark has to spend his time keeping Pete’s newfound abilities and hero complex from being exploited by say, Lex.  By the way, Lex is hinting to Kara about her identity in a way that’s turning her against Clark and Lana.

"Really, Pete, that's a lame super power."  "Says the guy who can't fly."  "Hey, shut up about that!"

“Really, Pete, that’s a lame super power.” “Says the guy who can’t fly.” “Hey, shut up about that!”

–OneRepublic playing in a Stride gum factory.  Consider that sentence for a minute and how insane that sounds and we’ll move on.

–We discover that constellation in the Luthor family crest aligned at one point once: during the original meteor shower on Smallville.

–Hope you enjoyed that brief visit from Pete, because its his last appearance on the show.

–“Its nice to see someone’s making good use of my ‘open door policy’!”, Lex says sarcastically.


Clark gets imprisoned by Lionel, and it all relates to Veritas, which is revealed to be a secret society made up of four families: the Luthor, Swann, Teague, and Queen clans.  Patricia Swann, daughter of the deceased Virgil Swann, wants to meet the “Traveler” Veritas discussed, and yes, its Clark.  Lana and Chloe want to bust Clark out, but realize they need help from Kara, and to do that, they need to restore her memory and power.  Sounds easy enough.

"Hey, you got a TV for this place?  Or Netflix?"

“Hey, you got a TV for this place? Or Netflix?”

–You know, it would be easier for Lionel if he just told Clark, “Hey, just to let you know, some members of a secret society might be interested in imprisoning you, so I need to do that to you because, hey, the jailer you know, right?”  Yeah, I didn’t think that would work either.

–Say hi to Patricia Swann, and say bye to her in the same episode.  Also, let’s just say it: Lex probably had her killed.

–Hey, Chief Tyrol from BSG is here.  Yeah I know, its Aaron Douglas, but come on, the chief is torturing Clark in that kryptonite barred prison cell.

–“Somehow I never pictured the last son of Krypton making coffee.”


While Lex investigates what Veritas is and Lois and Jimmy investigate Patricia Swann’s death, Kara gets offered a chance by Brainiac to go…somewhere.  She declines, and he turns Lana into a mindless zombie to force her hand.  Kara leaves with Brainiac, and Lana’s still kinda zombie-like, so yeah, never trust a bad guy to keep his word.  Plus, Lionel keeps warning everyone about the danger coming, but thanks to his kidnapping of Clark earlier, no one wants to hear it.  Too bad for Lionel.

Not what I had in mind when talking about giving Lana "the finger".

Not what I had in mind when talking about giving Lana “the finger”.

–This season had the problem of being filmed the year of the Writer’s Guild Strike, and this was the last episode done before that started (and might have been the last episode of the season if it continued).

–Seriously Clark, you should get better assurances or at least have Brainiac show you Lana’s kind of healing before letting Kara go with him to…wherever they go.

–Kara tries to teach Clark how to fly.  Obviously those lessons get delayed.

–Dream sequence catch: young Ollie plays with an archer figurine.


Lex comes to Lionel wanting to know more about Veritas and OH MY GOD LEX JUST KILLED LIONEL (and this is before the credits start)! Clark and company are left to figure out what Lionel was trying to warn them about while one of Lex’s agents is trying to recover a missing key related to Veritas.  Then, we discover there are other forces trying to prevent that key from being used, so, ok, sure.  It’s one of the best episodes in the series and certainly one of the most pivotal, by dispatching one antagonist in Lionel and solidifying Lex as full-on evil.

–Way to start the episode, with Lex pushing Lionel off the LuthorCorp tower to his death.  Strangely enough, this isn’t the last we’ll see of Lionel in the series (just not this Lionel). That enough of a teaser for you?

–Chloe got fired from the Daily Planet!  Don’t worry, she’ll be fine, because…well, you’ll see…

–Man, Gina’s death by that mystery guy.  Not bloody at all, but harsh.

–Lex puts down his innocent side, the young Lex from “Fracture”.  And what a great final scene, with Clark and Lex appearing at Lionel’s grave, and not saying a thing.  Yep, that friendship is d-e-a-d.

–“No one will remember your name.”

RIP Lionel Luthor.  You raised your evil lying scumbag son well.

RIP Lionel Luthor. You raised your evil lying scumbag son well.

NEXT TIME: Before we end season seven of the Smallville minicaps with a brief analysis and highlights, Jimmy is forced to spy on Chloe in “Sleeper”, Clark gets a glimpse into a dire future without him in “Apocalypse”, Clark gets pulled into the Veritas connection in “Quest”, and Lex makes a final discovery about Clark and Kara in the season ending “Arctic”.

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