ARROW Season 2×21, “City of Blood” recap

1 May


Welcome back, Arrow-heads!  What you need to know so far: Roy’s still kept comatose, Thea’s not handling life very well, Sara’s taken off to see an old friend, and Slade just killed Moira in front of Oliver and Thea!  So by default, Sebastian Blood’s become mayor of Starling City (I guess) and we got an army of Mirakuru-enhanced men waiting to be let out.  So how is Ollie going to handle this one last fatal blow from Slade?

Das Boot Ride.  Let’s just start with the island flashback this episode, if only because of how little it plays into what happens in the rest of this.  Ollie and the prison gang go to that old Japanese sub and his plan is to use the sub to sink the Amazo and Slade with it.  Only problem is the sub’s stuck, and needs to be pushed loose, so they think: hey, a torpedo could do that if put in motion the right way.  The other problem is the ones that could be used need to be manually controlled, as in someone needs to be inside it to drive it to the target.  Good thing Peter, one of the prison gang, is irradiated from Ivo’s experiments and makes the sacrifice play.  Sara is let out of the sub in case things go screwy, the torpedo is sent off and knocks the sub loose.  Then, Ollie calls Sara to find her in trouble.  What kind of trouble, you ask?  Who cares.  Let’s get to the present, alright?

A Funeral and A Question.  While Sebastian Blood is being sworn in as mayor, Moira is being buried, and everyone is there…except Ollie.  Felicity and Diggle are wondering where he is and Isabel pops by to suggest they may be buried next (which is a shock to both Felicity and Diggle since she got two bullets in the chest last time they saw her).  Thea is a bit of a mess, both torn up about Moira thinking she hated her, and upset Ollie didn’t warn any of them about Slade.  Walter tries to be comforting to Thea, but between that and Isabel’s later visit to Verdant to kick her out, she’s having it bad.  Meanwhile, Diggle and Felicity can’t find Ollie anywhere, so with Roy running out of venom to subdue him and a cure for the Mirakuru uncertain, they enlist Amanda Waller and ARGUS to help once they explain the whole Mirakuru army thing.

"I'm gonna invest all your money in BitCoins."  "What?  NO!  I'll talk!  I'LL TALK!"

“I’m gonna invest all your money in BitCoins.” “What? NO! I’ll talk! I’LL TALK!”

Broken Bow.  Its not long before Waller has a lead on Ollie: he’s at his lair…the OTHER lair.  Ollie being the smart man he was, had a secondary lair put up in case the foundry HQ was burned (someone may want to warn him about that happening soon) and has spent the days since Moira’s death there.  Diggle and Felicity find him there, already ready to give himself up to Slade.  They don’t want him to (because there’s that whole “Roy being in a coma and a super army problem” he might be helpful in stopping), and can’t convince him otherwise.   So he goes back to the mansion as Thea is planning to leave town, and Ollie agrees she should, telling her how she’s the best of all the family.  I don’t know about that, Ollie, but at least you’re trying to fix things.  Then he calls Isabel to tell him he’ll be waiting at the pier to be taken to his fate.  But when he gets there, he gets hit with a tranquilizer dart.  You should really have looked behind you to see that coming, or who did that.

The Blood Trail Picked Up Again.  Before we get to where Ollie has ended up, its important to talk about Laurel (I know, right?).  After talking to Sebastian at the funeral, Laurel tells Quentin she may not have been wrong about Sebastian being evil after all.  She is sober now, so that at least lets Quentin play along when she sneaks a transmitter into Sebastian’s office and thanks to the police tech, discover a rather odd thing: a press release regarding Moira’s death…written a day before it happened!  Really, Sebastian, you couldn’t have waited until AFTER it happened just in case?  I mean, that’s Conspiracy 101 stuff right there!  Anyhoo, Laurel wants to find Ollie and when she can’t, asks Diggle and Felicity, and before they can ask “wait, you know TOO?”, the trio decide to drug Ollie at the pier and take him back to Arrow HQ.

Felicity: "Well Laurel, let me give you the tour.  Over there's my computers, and there's some arrows, and oh, over here is a man injected with super-serum we're keeping sedated so he doesn't kill us.  And here's the espresso machine..."

Felicity: “Well Laurel, let me give you the tour. Over there’s my computers, and there’s some arrows, and oh, over here is a man injected with super-serum we’re keeping sedated so he doesn’t kill us. And here’s the espresso machine…”

“This city needs the Arrow.”  Ollie wakes up and is about to tear Diggle and Felicity a new one for stopping his attempted suicide trip to Slade, when he realizes Laurel’s there.  She tells him how she found out about his Arrow activities and tells him nothing good will come out of him sacrificing himself that way.  Then she tells him about Sebastian and how Slade used Moira’s death to get him elected as mayor.  That’s right: Laurel just saved Ollie from doing something stupid.  Take that in for a moment.  Ollie meets with Sebastian at a restaurant alone (while Diggle and Felicity interrogate Sebastian’s bodyguard), tells him he knows about his alliance with Slade Wilson, and that, duh-doy, Sebastian, he’s the Arrow (jeez, just announce it to everyone at this point!).  Sebastian doesn’t care because he’s got a super-army to cause havoc on Starling and when the dust settles, he can truly change the city to his vision.  Man, Sebastian’s a major tool.

"I see great potential in all of you...except you, Bob.  You keep slacking like you do and you won't achieve upper management status like me!"

“I see great potential in all of you…except you, Bob. You keep slacking like you do and you won’t achieve upper management status like me!”

The Time Is Now.  Ollie, Diggle and Felicity plan their next move, which is intercepting the Mirakuru army before they can scatter out.  Our power trio (who want Laurel to stay behind when she wants to help) trace the army to the sewer system and plan to drop the whole floor above on them.  Sure its harsh and kinda goes against Ollie’s “no killing” policy, but when killing a super-army and the scumbag who helped killed your mom, Ollie’s allowed a free pass or thirty in this case.  As Diggle starts setting up the explosives and Felicity is in a van nearby, IT hits the fan.  Ollie gets saved from being choked out by one of the super-army guys by Laurel, and both of them bring a corridor of the sewers down on their pursuers.  Diggle gets interrupted in blowing the floor by Isabel in a Deathstroke inspired getup.  Quentin’s precinct house gets attacked by one of Blood’s supermen, as does the train station where Thea is waiting to leave town.  Felicity gets a call from STAR Labs with some good news hopefully, because the army of super-thugs just left their Brother Blood pep rally and are now going on a million-man powered madmen march into the city!

–Comic book connections: Isabel shows up in garb resembling the DCU’s Ravager, who in the comics is one of Slade’s offspring.  Yeah, Slade had kids, and they all have had horrible fates befall them.

Typical psycho girlfriend behavior: sleeping with your dad before sleeping with you, stealing your company from behind your back, getting killed, resurrected with super-serum to make her even more crazy, and then, putting on some weird fitting gimp costume for payback.  She probably also listens to PJ Harvey on a continuous loop too.

Typical psycho girlfriend behavior: sleeping with your dad before sleeping with you, stealing your company from behind your back, getting killed, resurrected with super-serum to make her even more crazy, and then, putting on some weird fitting gimp costume for payback. She probably also listens to PJ Harvey on a continuous loop too.

–All I can say is, you probably got spoiled recently as to who will be showing up in the final two episodes of the season.  If you haven’t, there’s a lot of surprise visits in both episodes by some guest stars of this season.  Just guess.  We’ll talk next week.

–Considering that Mirakuru causes its survivors to have the occasional hallucination, who do you think is in Isabel’s head right now?  Slade?  Robert Queen?  Either one is cringe-worthy.

–Speaking of weird looking masks (we’re looking at you, Isabel), the super-thugs got Deathstroke masks that magically pop out of nowhere.  Mirakuru’s other side effect is the ability to hide bulky masks on your person after being searched by the cops.

–In all fairness to Laurel, delivering that monologue is difficult for any actor to do without looking a little cheesy.  Its basically a “I don’t know why you started doing this batstink crazy thing, but you should probably keep doing it because we all love you” speech.

–Thea doesn’t answer Walter’s call before leaving to the train station.  I have a bad feeling she should have.  Also someone with bad luck, the police tech guy who laments his job is a dead end, only to get deaded by one of the super-thugs.

–Felicity Smoak: “bitch with wi-fi”.  Also, she’s not a cocktail waitress in Vegas like her mom.  And leaving her in an ARGUS computer room is like leaving a junkie alone in a drug dealer’s stash house.

–“They taught how to sink Japanese subs, not pilot them.”

–“Hi. I’ll be your interrogator today.”

So, what did you think?  You ready for the last two episodes of the season?  Leave your thoughts and theories below as we return next week for “Streets of Fire”…

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