ARROW Season 2×07, “State vs. Queen” recap

22 Nov


Welcome back to the party, Arrow-heads!  A quick recap of things to know: Moira is about to go to trial for her involvement in the destruction in the Glades, Laurel assigns herself to the prosecution to “help Moira” (to the gas chamber if her pill popping catches up with her decision making), and Count Vertigo from season one is still in prison, and probably still quite insane.  So, let’s jump right in…

Open door inmate policy.  We get a flashback to six months ago, when the Glades got rocked by those tremors.  More specifically, we go to the local prison.  You know, the one a few episodes ago we found out had inmates escaping during the chaos?  Well, while the guards are leaving the inmates to rot and probably die in the quakes, one inmate gets loose: Count Vertigo.  He leaves most of the guys locked in their cells, except the Dollmaker, and well, we saw what happened there.  Seriously, someone should’ve told the public about this breakout a while ago.  Oh, well.

"Whoa, did I just accidentally stumble into a Star Trek Into Darkness poster?"

“Whoa, did I just accidentally stumble into a Star Trek Into Darkness poster?”

Opening statements.  Oliver arrives for the opening of his mother’s trial, and some odd developments are happening.  One is Laurel learning her boss has some secret bombshell regarding Moira that she hasn’t been told about.  Two is Diggle seeming a bit under the weather, and he’s promptly sent home by Ollie.  The first part we don’t get to yet, but the second does come up when Diggle collapses while in Felicity’s office.  It seems Diggle is not in need of a flu shot, but does have Vertigo in his blood.  He knows he hadn’t been exposed to Vertigo, so what’s going on?  Whatever it is isn’t just Diggle’s problem, as Adam’s grilling of Thea on the witness stand ends up with the assistant D.A. collapsing and being taken to the hospital…by Count Vertigo.

“I’m Count Vertigo, and I approve this high.”  We finally see what Vertigo is up to when he pirates the airwaves to announce his new drug selling plan: pay me for a constant supply of Vertigo, or however many of you in Starling City affected by that mystery illness (like poor Adam, who breaks down on the air to get his fix from Vertigo) will be hurting for a loooong time without it.  I think Ollie’s seriously reconsidering his “do not kill” decision right now.  Thanks to Felicity’s techno-know how, she finds Vertigo’s drug making factory, where Ollie manages to get Adam out before having to set fire to the place.  Oh, and he doesn’t kill Vertigo, which kind of bums Vertigo out.  Don’t worry, Count, we still got half an episode to go to get your wish granted.

Laurel Lance for the Prosecution.  With Adam benched due to being kidnapped (and doping up on Vertigo on live TV), the D.A. puts Laurel as lead counsel in the trial against Moira.  Thanks to Adam’s notes, she figures out what his evidence is to sink Moira’s defense.  And then, politely (and off the record) tells Moira in prison what it is, and pleads to not take the stand and testify, for what damage it will really cause.  Before you can utter “or Laurel can recuse herself from being lead counsel for personal reasons”, Laurel is having to grill Moira on the witness stand.  About what?  Oh, that Moira slept with Malcolm while her first husband was alive.  And as damning as Laurel lays it out, she feels really bad about it later.  So much so that even Ollie’s attempt to console her seems to make her feel even worse.  At this rate, she may have to trade up those pills for Vertigo.  Or she could have saved herself the trouble and recused herself as counsel.  Just saying, that was a possible option.

“…Ipso Facto, Arrow.”  Felicity pieces together why not everyone in the city is affected by Vertigo’s drug.  It was administered in a flu shot truck from the hospital, one that Diggle got his shot from.  Since Ollie is busy and Diggle is in withdrawal, she goes to check out the parked truck.  And Vertigo is there too, and takes her prisoner.  Then he decides to call Ollie, who he puts together is Arrow through some deductive reasoning (also, Felicity, leave your work ID at the secret Arrow lair next time, OK?).  This is also a bad time to call as a verdict in Moira’s trial is about to be decided.  Either way, this is not a great night for Ollie or the Queen family.

Impromptu office meeting.  Ollie gets on his garb and heads up to his office, where Vertigo is waiting with Felicity.  Vertigo’s still upset about being OD’d on his own product by Ollie, and mentions a secret partner has helped him spread Vertigo out into the city.  Before he can drop the name of that secret partner, Vertigo tries shooting Ollie and then planning to dope up Felicity as payback.  Then Vertigo takes the ultimate high and fall when Ollie shoots several arrows into his chest, which sends the Count on the express elevator down Queen Consolidated.  Ollie consoles Felicity while Vertigo is getting scraped off an unfortunate cab.  And Ollicity shippers have a grand mal seizure.

"Say something again about that eyemakeup I usually wear with this!  Go on!"

“Say something again about that eye makeup I usually wear with this! Go on!”

Verdict time.  Ollie returns to the courtroom, and wisely neglects to tell Thea about that drug dealer that took a dive out of his building.  He makes it back in time to hear the verdict against Moira: not guilty of all charges.  That sounds like great news also for Laurel, who might actually take a break from booze and pills, or at least rethink how good an attorney she is if she couldn’t convict Moira.  You win to lose, I guess.  Also, Queen Consolidated got a vaccine made for Vertigo’s addicts, so another win there.  And Felicity apologizes for getting Ollie to kill again, which he’s cool with, because Vertigo was going to hurt her.  Please control yourselves, Ollicity fans.

Back to the island.  Oliver is brought along with Dr. Ivo’s raiding party to Slade and Shado’s camp.  They leave a housewarming present behind in an explosive charge.  Luckily Shado disarms it and Slade wants to go out to fight the raiders (and probably get something for that half of his face that’s burned to a crisp).  You would think that the fact it doesn’t go off should bring company back to the plane wreckage, but nope.  Seems Ivo’s interested in that arrow head (the one Ollie would years later give to Thea) and before Ollie can say where it is, Shado and Slade ambush Ivo’s group.  Ollie is freed, but he snatches up Sara as the foursome escape from Ivo.  Shado has the arrowhead on her, and finds there are numbers on it, more specifically coordinates to that super-serum.  Ollie then suggests going to it to help Slade survive that nasty face burning and dying thing.  So, I guess we’ll see how that blows up in everyone else’s face next time, huh?

It’s all in the Blood.  If it wasn’t obvious who might be Vertigo’s silent partner, we see soon enough its Brother Blood, who is quite displeased Vertigo didn’t kill Arrow.  But he gets some good news in that serum crap he’s been trying out seems to have had a success on someone, in that someone survived the procedure.  Bad news obviously, but not as bad as what happens next.  Moira is being shuttled out of the court, and the driver takes her to a deserted parking lot, where his tip is an arrow shot through his heart.  And guess who’s revealed to have wanted to see Moira?  The obviously not dead Malcolm Merlyn!  He mentions something about faking his own death (duh-doy) and making the jury hand out a not-guilty verdict in her trial.  He’s a little upset about getting his name dragged in the mud by Moira, but some news is cheering him up.  You know that little affair she had with Malcolm all those years ago?  Turns out Thea is their love child!  File that under “things that make you go ‘eeeeeewwwwwwwwww’.”

–Comic-book connections: well, the fact that Malcolm’s quite alive and is also connected to the League of Assassins, do I have to suggest Lazarus Pits?  Plus, Slade’s new face burnings make him look like his Deathstroke mask, doesn’t it?

Relax, Slade.  Mike Tyson has ahd the same problem for years with his face.  You'll be fine.  At least it looks clean and somewhat straight.

Relax, Slade. Mike Tyson has had the same problem for years with his face. You’ll be fine. At least it looks clean and somewhat straight.

–Its hard to go without reporting some news on what’s coming up this season, like the whole thing about the upcoming arc next episode involving Barry Allen (aka The Flash) now being a setup for an actual pilot rather than the backdoor one planned for an episode later this season.  Then there was the casting of a child of Ra’s al Ghul (not the one you think, though) to boot.  And that also doesn’t count the rumor mill about another connection to the Batman universe being cast.  Oh, and Ollie’s getting a domino mask soon instead of going with the spray-on green thing on his face.  Whew.

–I’m just trying to figure out how Ollie’s going to explain how Vertigo fell to his death from Ollie’s own building to the police.  Oh, and Isabel might want to talk about that.  You know, “talk”.

–Hey, that particle accelerator’s almost done.  Thanks for letting me know, random news byte.

–Ollie, gang, just a thought: the way Sara’s talking about that super-serum makes me think talking out loud about that arrowhead is a bad idea.

–Roy, I’m glad you’re there to let Thea vent her anger out on something, but when she finds out Malcolm’s her real daddy, it may be best to be somewhere else.  Also, that makes one episode last season where she’s trying to make moves on Tommy all the more ickier, now that we know they’re step-siblings.  Retconning past events tends to make some unexpectedly creepy results.  Just look at the whole Luke and Leia thing.

–Felicity is also good with helping people out of parking tickets.  Not at keeping her ID off her when she’s abducted by a psycho, but…

–Ivo kills the freighter’s captain, and promotes the poor guy’s second-in-command.  You think he’d be happier about this upgrade, except he just witnessed his boss get killed.

–“You should know I find post-hoc negotiations distasteful.”

Well, there’s no new episode coming up next week (but leave your comments and theories below if you want something to do this Thanksgiving), so see you in December for “The Scientist”…

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  1. Tom David Johansen March 8, 2014 at 8:18 am #

    thinking of that Thea is Moria and Malcom’s love child…i must say the results is pretty good 😉

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