Stepping through the gate into a new world.

11 Jun

(NerdLush crew note- with this post, Guest Poster Lee Daniels joins us as a full fledged member of the crew! Welcome aboard, Lee!)


That pretty much sums up last weekend for me.

Last weekend members of the Stargate cast from SG1, Atlantis and Universe were in Birmingham, England for Massive Events’ annual Stargate convention – Chevron. 

Guests for this con were David Hewlett (Dr. Rodney Mckay – SG1 & SGA), Paul McGillion (Dr. Carson Beckett – SGA), Jennifer Spence (Lisa Park – SGU), David Nykl (Dr. Radek Zalenka – SGA), Suanne Braun (Hathor – SG1), Cliff Simon (Lord Ba’al – SG1) and Dan Payne (Various – SG1 & SGA)

This was my first ever con experience and I loved every minute, the guest, attendees, ME staff and hotel staff were all fantastic and everything ran smoothly. I know some didn’t manage to get all their autographs but thankfully I got all my autographs and pictures (apart from the group photo, I forgot all about that…oops).


If you’re a Stargate fan then you knew that Hewlett, McGillion & Nykl were going to steal the show and boy did they ever. It may have been 4 years since SGA’s cancellation but those 3 guys don’t seem to have been apart for one minute, they all had great chemistry and fully enjoyed taking the piss out of each other and then teaming up to make fun out of Joe Flannigan who played Lt. Colonel John Sheppard on SGA (he’ll be at the next Chevron event).

It wasn’t just those 3 that had great chemistry, they all did, even those that we’re meeting each other for the 1st time and everyone came across as very good people, which is extra nice as the last thing you want is to come away thinking that one of your favourite actors is a complete dick.

The whole experience was great and while this has been my 1st con, I do know it can get stressful at times trying to get around to see and do everything, thankfully it wasn’t the case here and now I’m counting down the days to the next one in April, where Robert Picardo is attending so I get my Stargate, Star Trek and Chuck fix all in one place. But before that is Hallowhedon and can I really say no to Denisof, Acker, Epenson and Lenk?

What do you think?

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