DC Recap Round-Up 3, Week 14: Don’t Lose Your Heads!

19 Mar

Welcome back! While Black Lightning takes a break before going into its last few episodes of the season, we still got a full deck of recaps in store, with The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and Batwoman! So, let’s get to it…

“A Girl Named Sue”

Before we get to the titular Sue of this episode, let’s check in on Iris, who we learn is trapped in a mirror dimension, and she learns it from…the not dead Eva McCulloch! She seems to be trapped as much as Iris is, a by product of that pesky particle accelerator explosion six years ago. Iris wants out before her doppleganger does something worse, and Eva’s unusual control of mirrors might be the key to it all. Or she could be behind all of this, who knows?

Meanwhile, Ralph has tracked down the missing Sue Dearbon, only to find she’s really not in the need for saving. In fact, she’s doing some thievery that only gets her in the crosshairs of some bad guys that Ralph has to save her from. She gets away, but leaves Ralph with the impression he’ll run into her again. Maybe that will happen sooner than he thinks, because we learn Sue has an new interest…in McCulloch Technologies!

A lot of relationships are built on betraying one person to steal a diamond. Just so happens that one person is a guy who can stretch abnormally.

–Mirror Iris takes a big interest in the mirror gun used last season, and gets it from Barry. For what reason, who can be sure.

–Ultraviolet pops up as the meta nemesis Sue and Ralph have to fight off. Nothing really big happens regarding her cousin Allegra this time, but related, Nash is still seeing flashes (to coin a phrase) of Wells’ past. And they are warning him about…something.

–Joe is also looking into the whole Black Hole conspiracy too. He also is the face Ralph uses when breaking into that vault. That is a bit awkward after the big robbery.

–“No, I took the bus.”

–“Now I understand why people are grossed out when I do that.”

“Back From The Future, Part Two”

Before Winn can head back to the 31st century, our SuperTeam still has some Toyman related stuff to deal with, like a computer virus that has infected the entire DEO headquarters! With Toyman turning all kinds of weapons into remote controlled instruments of death, Kara and company try to keep the Toyman virus from escaping out into the world. Winn has to plug into the mainframe and somehow cancel out the virus, which he does. With that last gasp of Toyman done and dealt with, things can go back to normal, right?

Well not quite, because during the confusion, Lex orders Brainy to get some of that source code that allowed Toyman to exist as a computer program, and while he does, almost gets Alex’s attention, who is running her own secret investigation into Lex that Lex would rather stop immediately. This whole event though convinces Alex that maybe it’s time to leave the DEO, knowing she can’t work under Lex Luthor any longer. And while Brainy has now been promoted to Alex’s job and Winn finally heads back to the future, it seems like everything’s normal now, isn’t it? Well, at Kara’s apartment, she gets an unexpected visitor at her front door: Mr. Mxyzptlk! Looks like some Fifth Dimension shenanigans are up for next time!

That robot has no chance.

–Winn gets a bizarre reunion with his dead dad, thanks to him being in that Toyman computer program. But dead dad becomes helpful in fighting evil computer Winn, even if it means dad gets erased too. You get closure where you can.

–Are you trying a little too hard to sell me on Kara and William, show? I mean, you had to pull out the karaoke duet of “Africa” by Toto there.

–Lex has an old timey phone in case of DEO emergencies. And he introduces himself to the evil Gemma from Leviathan, which seems like a colossal mistake on his end. Maybe.

–“A Lex who cares about the emotional state of others? This really is a whole new world.”

“A Head Of Her Time”

The latest Encore happens to be Marie Antoinette, who is keeping court in France thanks to a perfume that makes her the literal center of attention. While Marie still has some issues keeping her head on her shoulders (and we mean, literally in this case), Zari takes advantage of this by using Marie’s perfume to help bolster her floundering brand. As you can imagine, this goes very badly and the Legends have to jump in to deal with it. Also, Marie is able to control her headless body, which is a lot more of a problem for our heroes than you would think.

Meantime back in Newcastle, Constantine summons up Astra’s dead mom for some advice on how to deal with Astra. During that chat, we learn Charlie isn’t just some ordinary shapeshifter, but someone who has some particularly ancient ties, specifically involving an ancient loom with mystical powers. But before we can dwell too long on that, Astra decides she’s tired of dealing with Constantine, and cues up his years down the road fate of terminal cancer by making it…about now-ish. So now, John is a dead man walking!–Interesting to see double duty for Courtney Ford this episode, through vid chats as Nora and playing the occasionally headless Marie Antoinette.

Look, do I really need to explain this to you? This happened. Let’s move on.

–Sara is notably absent through this episode, attending to business in Star City (possibly Oliver Queen’s funeral, if the timeline lines up). But Ava does…kinda keep things under control. Sorta.

–Nate randomly punches a dude wearing a giant s’mores head because he can, like we all should when seeing something that dumb.

–Mick is missing that hookup he had at the high school reunion from last episode. Like, missing her. Our lovable gruff pyromaniac is in love!

–A.L.O.H.A. (Assess Listen Observe Hydrate Attack) time!

–“The results of my body scan indicate that you do in fact ‘like like’ her.”

–“Do you have any cucumber water? I’m parched after that dry interaction.”

“Take Your Choice”

We learn pretty fast that those pains Alice and Alt-Beth are feeling is from this Earth unable to handle two Beths in one place for an extended period of time, which leads to a pretty nasty decision for Kate to make: one of the Beths must die or both of them will! And did I mention this will happen in a matter of hours? Yikes. Everyone is all for Alt-Beth surviving and Alice not to, and it looks like Kate might actually be the only person sticking up to save Alice……

Until she’s not.

Unfortunately, Kate’s decision to save the less crazy Beth takes a tragic turn when Alt-Beth is being taken out of town for safety (remember, she still looks like the murderous criminal Alice), and gets killed by a sniper. That sniper just happens to be…that doctor Mary has been trying to get for Jacob’s defense, only it’s actually…Mouse’s not dead face removing dad! And just to add one more punch to the nuts, that means Alice survives and realizes in front of Kate that her sister was going to let her die! I don’t think this will go over too well for these twin sisters.

Well, here’s hoping nothing awkward will happen, like the Beth you saved getting murdered and your Beth then surviving OH NUTS.

–Luke looked like he might have a chance with Alt-Beth, but that ended pretty much when she died in his arms after being shot by the not dead Dr. Cartwright.

–Surprising to see Alice hallucinate the still dead Catherine, who of course, guilt trips Alice correctly that Kate is probably going to save Alt-Beth instead of her.

–Jacob gets saved from a nasty fate in prison, thanks to the guy who was sent to jail for killing Luke’s dad, Lucius. He wants a favor for this, but as we know from the episode showing that the Lucius Fox case was sketchy, it might be easy to figure out what it is.

–Mind you, no one can really explain why Alt-Beth is there very well, but that would help solve a lot of the problems we get when the Crows and Sophie are hunting her down thinking she is Alice.

–Mouse’s dad breaks his son out of the hospital and ties him up to…well, I’m not sure what yet, but I’m sure he’s convinced he killed Alice, so maybe make up for lost time with his crazy son, perhaps?

–“All you have to say is that ‘an event called Crisis merged an infinite number of universes, resulting in Alice’s not-so-evil twin from another Earth ending up on this Earth. Just ask Supergirl or The Flash, and, oh, by the way, I swear I’m not Batwoman.'”

–“Does anyone speak real people?”

NEXT TIME: Barry must team up with an old nemesis in a dream prison on The Flash, Mxytzplk gives Kara a look at the roads not taken on the 100th episode of Supergirl, Genghis Khan is back as Constantine is dying on Legends of Tomorrow, the return to Freeland leads to forces gathering for a final showdown on Black Lightning, and Kate faces a vampire on Batwoman!

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