DC Recap Round-Up 3, Week 11: Doppleganger-palooza!

13 Feb

Welcome back! While we don’t have a full deck of shows, we got plenty as is, with Supergirl, Black Lightning, and Batwoman to hold down things before The Flash returns (and Supergirl and Batwoman take a break, but Legends of Tomorrow will be back, if that makes sense). So, let’s go…

“Back From The Future, Part One”

Brainy’s tenuous alliance with Lex to discover the secrets of Leviathan goes off to a super rocky start, as he breaks out the alternate Earth version of old ally Winn Schott, who is basically just the evil Toyman now. So our Winn returns from the 31st Century to hunt down this evil doppleganger, who endangers our Winn’s life in the future as long as Evil Winn is running around in the present. That search culminates in Evil Winn’s attempt to kill a guy who wronged his dad, the failure of that attempt (via large robot tigers, don’t ask), and Evil Winn blowing himself up. That seems like the end of Evil Winn, but that creepy computer of his brought back to the DEO would suggest otherwise. Oh, and Brainy tells our Winn about his alliance with Lex and how this is all kind of his fault, and Winn…forgives him? Hmm.

Meantime, Lex is pulling strings with others, like getting Lena to get back in touch with Andrea to learn how Obsidian Tech connects with Leviathan, only to learn the only connection is Andrea’s new business partner, a rather familiar looking blonde woman in the Leviathan fold. Lex then manages to get some future particles needed for Lena’s mind control project from Winn’s time ship, so there’s some payment for Lena’s work this episode. As if Lex wasn’t busy enough, he takes the time to tell Kara to get that pesky William off his back or there will be dire consequences. Oh, and it looks like Kara might have a thing going with William. Sigh.

It’s all right, Winn. Last season was a lot to take in.

–Hey, the SuperCrew has a new secret meeting place! I should rephrase that, Kara and the other SuperFriends have a new secret meeting place. They even got little pager buttons on the wall!

–J’onn is largely absent from this one, save the big reveal of the Tower and giving Winn the download on what’s been going on (not surprisingly, Winn pukes a few times). Actor David Harewood was behind the camera directing this episode.

–Nia still has Brainy on the…well, brain after he broke up with her to protect her from Lex. That relationship needs a good break from all the breaking up.

–Yeah, of course “Eye of the Tiger” plays in this fight. Makes way more sense than N’Sync from last episode.

–Kara must go through a lot of tape recorders is all I’m saying.

–Kara’s response to the rather healthy vacation plan Lex has put into the DEO: “But no beach vacation can mask evil.”

–“You always give the best hugs, Papa Bear.”

“The Book of Markovia, Chapter Two: Lynn’s Addiction”

The Pierce clan (well, minus the one not addicted to Green Light, but we’ll get to Lynn later) decide to get the ASA out of Freeland by kidnapping Agent Odell and use a computer simulation of him to order his troops out. Well, Colonel Grey, upon hearing of Odell’s kidnapping, takes the gloves off and orders Khalil/Painkiller to hunt and kill the Pierces! In the confusion of fighting Painkiller and Jen discovering Painkiller is her not dead boyfriend, Odell escapes. But Painkiller is now contained by the Pierce clan, but there’s gonna be a lot to explain to Jen about this.

On the list of things Jen might have wanted to know earlier, her mom plots to get Tobias out of ASA hands, knowing the cure for Green Light sickness won’t work without him. So she rigs up some temporary metahuman power serums to break in and get Tobias out. What she probably didn’t account for was the Markovians still lurking around, and now Lynn and Tobias are their prisoners!Well at least that random ASA turncoat is still alive to let someone know what happened.

Jen’s boyfriend is back, and he’s gonna be trouble.

–We finally get confirmation from that hint last episode, that Lady Eve is in fact back from the dead. In fact, we know this because of another resurrected baddie, Lala, who muscles his way into making her organization subservient to his. For now.

–T.C. discovers that Khalil is still there in his body, just subjugated by that Painkiller control.

–Agent Odell was from Gotham City. Just a piece of info you learn as he gets the crap shocked out of him during his time with Black Lightning.

–Grace gets to come back into town, which considering how things are going in Freeland, I can’t think that’s a good idea.

–“You know what a eunuch is?” “Yes, sir.” “Keep that in mind.”

“An Un-Birthday Present”

Kate is as shocked as we all are to learn that the Beth we met at the end of last episode isn’t some hallucination or some trick from Alice, but a Beth from an alternate Earth stranded on ours!With a mentally okay Beth now around, I guess we don’t need to worry about Alice anymore, right? Wrong, because while Alice is in Crows custody, Mouse makes a big play to get her released, like kidnapping the sons of the mayor and police commissioner. Before Kate can get to finding the missing young men, she gets kidnapped by Mouse too!

Mary has a risky idea to save Kate, and that’s to let Alt-Beth pretend to be Alice! It briefly works, but not long enough before Kate gets loose to save her alt-sister and those sons from being cooked in a car. And while Mouse gets captured, Alice somehow manages to escape the Crows, but hey, at least Alt-Beth is still alive. Well, with that sharp pain to the skull she feels along with Alice, I would not speak too soon there.


–So no one turns on the Bat-Signal to get Batwoman’s help, because…lesbian superheroes are so politically touchy to deal with? Look, the point is, thanks to some protesting and Kate saving those boys from Mouse, the commissioner and mayor change their tune.

–We get more flashbacks to Beth/Alice’s imprisonment, and we see her snap, just not long after she sees Mouse’s dad kill a cat Mouse gave her. Yeesh.

–Mary seems to figure out the whole multiverse thing after a few drinks, which, good for her. It helps to have an astrophysicist step-sister from an alternate Earth there to confirm that.

–Sophie gets taunted about being in the closet by Alice, but hey, being taunted is less embarrassing than letting Alice escape your custody. Again.

–I’m not sure how Mouse will survive after being impaled on a stick of rebar, but hey, weirder things have happened in this episode. Kate survived a nasty-ass collision on her motorbike, so hey, it’s possible.

–Mary teaching Alt-Beth how to be Alice must have been very therapeutic.

–“Dumb question: do police exist on this Earth?”

NEXT TIME: We finally have The Flash return to a post-Crisis world, the Legends of Tomorrow deal with a mobster out of Hell, and the Markovians kidnap someone close to the Pierce family in Black Lightning!

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