DC Recap Round-Up 2, Week 13: Double Your Flash, Double Your Black Lightning!

27 Feb

Welcome back! So thanks to Supergirl being off until March (we’ll get to the one episode that aired this month next time), it seemed like a great time to double up on the reviews of shows still running new episodes right now: The Flash and Black Lightning. We got plenty of twists and turns to cover in both, so let’s get to it…


Team Flash is starting to assemble their big plan to catch and depower Cicada, but find one of the key components to keep Cicada subdued while they administer the metahuman cure into his system is stolen and floating about the city’s black market. So Barry and Ralph go undercover as criminals into this black market (add to that the requisite of having to wear a power dampener laced with explosives as admission to go inside), and run afoul of its big cheese, Goldface. Goldface is willing to make a deal with our duo of fake criminals to give them what they want in exchange for helping out on the theft of a device that can create human organs. Once they realize this device is meant for a children’s hospital, they have to stop Goldface and his goons from pulling off the robbery, and still depowered. It’s not easy, but they take down Goldface, even if they lose the shot at the tech they need for their big plan.

In a related thing, Iris puts together where Cicada may be, and it turns out she is on the money because while she sneaks around, he happens to be there. She plays it off like a reporter looking into a random news story, but Orlin puts together she’s spying on him. This becomes a little fight, but Iris gets the upper hand by stabbing Cicada with some dark matter infected metal and flees.Oh, and Nora tries to lure Sherloque away from investigating her diary by setting him up with a date, only to accidentally spur him on further. So maybe this day wasn’t a complete wash.

Cue the Rob Zombie music, because this game of Laser Tag is gonna be lit!

–The Toastmaster should be familiar to you longtime DC Comics readers as the weapons created by John Henry Irons, who would later seek to take them off the streets after being used by criminals as the superhero, Steel.

–Sherloque’s forced date makes him re-examine his diary investigation, but he at least seems to be hitting it off with the woman Iris has set him up with. Unfortunately, he has a type, in this case it’s the same woman in different realities! That leads to the hilarious Council of Ex-Wives reveal, who all got left hanging by Sherloque. And he better get to making alimony payments, lest they send Breacher after him next!

–Goldface doesn’t die from his electrocution (and obvious oozing of gold from his face), so maybe we’ll see him again, because he was an interesting baddie.

–Ralph is willing to keep Barry sidelined during the theft because he doesn’t want his buddy to go to the dark side that way. It’s a noble effort, even if Barry does escape and help Ralph fight Goldface’s crew.

–One of Sherloque’s exes got tricked into thinking he was dead. Twice. Clearly she didn’t learn from the first time.

–“There’s always a Wells.”

–“I knew all that Red Dead would pay off!”

“Cause and XS”

While the metahuman cure needs to be taken into the Speed Force by Barry for an hour to prepare, that leaves everyone else to tend to any metahuman shenanigans for that night. And unfortunately, things go bad when Iris is kidnapped by Cicada, and in the haste to save her, Caitlin dies! Nora is shocked by this, starts running, and by accident, sends herself an hour back in time, with the knowledge she needs to stop Cicada’s attack. Easier said than done, because all she does to change this only ends with some other member of Team Flash kidnapped and another one dies. Over. And over. And over again.

After 52 tries at this, it becomes clear to everyone else what is happening with Nora, and work with her to find a solution, which is easy since she has been keeping track of every attempt to prevent what happens. Thanks to their working together, no one on Team Flash dies and Cicada escapes injured by his own blade. With Barry returning to hear about what happened and telling Nora about messing with time like that, she goes back into the future to chat with Eobard Thawne. He tells her they have to keep going to stop Cicada and save his dad, which, do we really believe him?

Swipe to pass on Preppy Cisco.

–Cisco goes on a date with that bartender from a few episodes back and after about 52 attempts (thanks to his powers, he’s aware of all of these failures), gets it right. Not many of us do.

–Turns out Ralph is an expert cyber stalker, but not so much an expert in dating. Good thing Cisco doesn’t take his advice.

–It seems Sherloque took this opportunity to learn more about that writing on Nora’s diary and he might be cracking that code super soon.

–“‘Initial Planning’? This is a date, Sun Tzu, not an incursion.”

–“I miss something?”


“The Book of Secrets, Chapter Two: Just and Unjust”

While the Pierce family deals with the death of Khalil, there are a few issues to address, mainly Jennifer’s reaction to her boyfriend being murdered by Tobias. Jefferson and Lynn think it might help her if she’s allowed to go back to Garfield High, but when she discovers the student made tribute to Khalil is being torn down for being more an inconvenience, she stages a sit-in to keep that tribute up. While Jen is stirring up things in school, Anissa helps a woman escape her One Hundred-aligned abusive boyfriend (and steal his cash to help Khalil’s parents pay for their son’s funeral), and starts reconnecting with Grace. But as soon as she seems to be doing that, Grace mysteriously takes off. Might have to do with those odd flare ups of metahuman power she has.

Speaking of metahumans, Markovian agents come to Freeland looking to take Lynn and whatever metahumans they can for their nefarious needs. While Jefferson manages to take out the terrorists and send them packing to home, the AUSA still wants the pod people moved to a more secure location by Dr. Jace, who won’t agree to do it without Lynn’s help. Unfortunately, thanks to what happened previously, Tobias is interested in recovering Dr. Jace to reawaken those secret metahumans, and who knows what will happen once he learns about the pod kids.

They call her Black Bird, now they can call her Bat Woman!

–A fun aside during this episode comes when the Markovians try to kidnap the metahuman shrink, only to find themselves thinking they are freezing. Considering their other plan almost put a bullet into Anissa, these terrorists really didn’t plan this well.

–Does government guy really know what is going on with the Pierce family, because, he is seriously stalking them.

–Lynn finally lets out some steam regarding her metahuman husband and the possibility their kids will follow in his superhero footsteps. It’s not at a make or break a relationship level yet, but I dread it might get there eventually.

–Interesting note with Grace’s comics pile is while there are no Black Lightning or Thunder comics in real life, we do see real DC Comics like Sideways.

–“Sounds like the prinicpal’s job.”

“The Book of Secrets, Chapter Three: Pillar of Fire”

We find the Pierce clan on different paths this episode, such as Jefferson having a chance to regain his job at Garfield as principal after public outcry because of Jennifer’s sit-in. But when it comes to removing Principal Lowry, Jefferson realizes he really can’t balance being Black Lightning and being a principal without ruining one or the other, so he allows Lowry to keep his job. Anissa starts looking for Grace after she left, and thanks to the help of Gambi, finds Grace may not be who she claims to be. Jennifer thinks she can start taking the fight to the One Hundred and track down Tobias, but has to be saved by Anissa when that attempt to shake down the gang fails badly.

But Lynn has the worst time this episode, because the plan to move the pod kids is discovered by Tobias, who awakens one of the metahuman soldiers to help him kidnap them. While the pod kids and Dr. Jace are taken from the government compound, Lynn manages to isolate herself with one of the metahumans she is attempting to awaken, saving herself before Jefferson shows up. Now Tobias has the pod kids, and a plan to sell them like he’s a metahuman arms dealer to the highest bidder! If the Pierce clan needed help, now would be the time to find it.

Maybe use that excess power to charge batteries. I’m just saying, she would really boost the electric car industry.

–Robert Townsend reappears as Gamby’s school board buddy, besides directing this episode. As you may remember, he also did the cult favorite superhero flick The Meteor Man.

–Tobias is still losing his mind, talking to that painting of his dead sister. But he did start a thing with Cutter…BUT his reasoning is because his sister liked her! Hoo boy.

–The metahuman Lynn wakes up with that cure happens to be the wind based metahuman who escaped earlier this season.

–“Todd got a new car.” And then we see him and that car blow up. Buh-bye, Todd.

–“You know Anissa taught me to read lips, right?”

NEXT TIME: Nia becomes a hero and Kara and company fight Manchester Black’s new superteam on Supergirl, Gorilla Grodd versus King Shark on The Flash, and the Pierce clan face attacks by Tobias’ metahumans on Black Lightning!

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