DC Recap Round-Up 2, Week 11: Running Back From The Holidays!

31 Jan

Welcome back! Hope you all had a good holiday season, but it’s time to jump back into the DC Recap Round-Up! This time up, we return with Supergirl, a double shot of The Flash, and Black Lightning! So, let’s just get to it…

“Suspicious Minds”

Picking up from where we were last time, Kara has been kicked out of the DEO for not revealing her secret identity to the President, but that hasn’t stopped her from fighting crime. But her recent act of heroism in saving an army unit from attack by a cloaked alien brings her right in the crosshairs of Colonel Haley. The Colonel wants to know Supergirl’s identity so she can keep Kara in line, and those who do know the truth are conspiring to keep that secret despite a round of office interrogations. As for that cloaked alien attack, it’s connected to a secret military project where alien kids were turned into assassins, and when that project was shut down, they rebelled and wanted revenge against those who ran the project…like Colonel Haley.

All of this comes to a head at DEO headquarters as the remaining alien assassins are stopped as they attempt to kill Haley. Maybe they should have succeeded in retrospect, because even with Kara swooping in to save Haley’s life, the Colonel reveals she knows who Supergirl is. While Alex and J’Onn quietly knock out the Colonel and wipe her mind of that information, Haley is still determined to find the truth, even bringing in an alien mind reader. The only solution is to wipe the minds of those in the DEO who know who she is, which includes…Alex! While I don’t know how long that mindwipe will last, that’s still a heartbreaker of a cliffhanger.

Yeah, I don’t blame you for all the feels right now.

–Brainy has some costumes ideas for Nia, which…we’ll see how that pans out. Also, he needs to work on his “asking people out” skills.

–Lena and James seem to make up, and then she has to mention that whole superhuman project she is working on. I smell another blowup on the horizon.

–J’Onn has a sweet new detective agency, and apparently a LOT of old DEO files! I mean, they just let him take off with that stuff?

–Oh, and that Kara clone is still alive, and getting a new handler. Whatever.

–Brainy has some nice memory compartmentalization abilities. Maybe pass that along to some needy people, huh?

–“Kara? Your sister with the glasses?”

“The Flash and The Furious”

Team Flash is starting the new year on a hopeful note, mind you a note with the secret only we know of Nora chatting with an imprisoned Eobard Thawne in 2049.The first big complication comes in hearing the court case against the Weather Witch, where said villain is actually feeling remorse for her actions earlier this season and kinda wants the book thrown at her. The second comes from a thief with some metatech that can activate any car, and that power causing Barry’s powers to glitch, leaving him phasing out of control. With Barry left to a containment cell until his power returns to normal, it’s up to the rest of the Team to take down this Silver Ghost thief, which gets complicated when she decides to break out Weather Witch for a big heist. The big prize: an experimental ARGUS car fitted with metahuman powers!

It’s only Nora reaching out to Weather Witch that gets the car back, but the villainesses escape anyway to appear another day. Within the Team, Cisco Finally is able to use his powers safely again, but his time powerless makes him consider putting together a serum to cure metahumans, and eventually gets help from at first reluctant and then willing to help friend Caitlin. And this experience makes Nora reconsider her judgment to leave Thawne to whatever fate he is doomed to (it’s one with a literal ticking clock!), and maybe start trusting Thawne’s offers of help. Well, that can’t be anything but a BIG mistake on Nora’s part, I’m sure.

“Hello, Clarice…sorry, I always wanted to do that.”

–So Sherloque Wells is getting super curious about Nora, and goes as far as to use the computer in Thawne’s old secret room to learn more about her, only to discover she has erased all records about her! Curious…

–The idea of a Young Rogues team is an interesting one, and being women-centric at the top adds some nice new wrinkles to it.

–Ralph is visiting his mom, and Joe is with the baby visiting Wally, so in case you wondered where they were. Also, Cecile is back at her job, which was…um…an attorney, right? Oh right, the District Attorney! Sorry, it’s been a while.

–During his down time, Barry gets to read Mick Rory’s sci-fi erotica, and, well he admits its well written.

–I can’t imagine there would be some kind of unexpected consequences regarding creating a cure for metahumans and that our science duo might break their rule of not forcing it on anyone. Okay, I think it’ll be at least four episodes before that happens.

–“I haven’t been able to play PS4 properly for weeks!”

“Seeing Red”

Cicada gets a police list of metahumans who he hasn’t killed yet and decides to make up for lost time by going on a non-stop murder spree. Team Flash tries to intercede again, and the result is Nora gets paralyzed, albeit temporarily, but that incident gets under her parents’ skin, especially Barry. Instead of trying to respond to the attacks, the plan is to get ahead of Cicada by rounding up the remaining metahumans on that list and get them away to witness protection. Better said than done, because thanks to that leak in the department that gave up that metahuman list, Cicada shows up to kill all of them!

While Ralph (oh hey, welcome back, Ralph!) helps get the meta to safety, Barry decides to unleash his rage on Cicada, only to be stopped from going over the edge by a recovered Nora. Cicada has escaped during this, but Barry realizes that the villain’s violence is based on the anger of what happened to his niece, so new mission: revive Cicada’s niece! Meantime, Sherloque has discovered that there is someone else writing in Nora’s little time journal, but who? If only he could look into a mirror for an answer…

Somehow this is not the worst spinal injury that happens to someone this week in the recaps.

–Creepy meta guy who had the snake in his eye turns out to be a rather sympathetic dude in the end, dropping his whole “me first” attitude to save all those metas. Better than Peek-A-Boo from season one, who is still “me first” until the end.

–Joe is still in Tibet with the kid and Wally, which leaves Cecile to find out the leak in the police is that mind controlled officer from a few episodes back.

–Cisco is still at that arctic base researching that metahuman cure, and while Caitlin and Killer Frost are debating the ethics of it, turns out Frost is helpful in getting a blood sample from Cicada to synthesize the cure.

–“I’ve seen enough episodes of ‘Sister, Sister’ to know a sibling spat when I see one.”

–“Killer Frost is the weapon.”

–“I studied neuro-regeneration in the fifth grade.” “Wow. I studied fractions.”

“The Book of Rebellion, Chapter Three: Angelitos Negros”

Well, we still got Jennifer and Khalil on the run, and the Pierce clan still trying to find them, to little success. It starts becoming clear for the two that running isn’t going to matter much if Tobias is still after Khalil too, so he decides to take Jennifer home and turn himself over to police custody. Well, that would be easy except for Tobias arranging an attack on the police convoy transporting Khalil, and Khalil being taken to see his former boss for the worst exit interview ever. Instead of killing his protege, Tobias decides to just let him go and OH NO TOBIAS JUST RIPPED KHALIL’S SPINAL IMPLANT OUT OF HIS BACK!

So Khalil somehow survives this horrifying thing and is dumped in front of the church where he originally took that spinal injury that led him to Tobias in the first place. Ouch. Meantime, we finally learn why that clinic is so important to Tobias and to the government, and not just because it was where all the metahuman experiments that created Jefferson and Tobias originally took place. It also has four super metas labeled the Masters Of Disaster in deep freeze hidden there! So yeah, we got problems, and that’s just four.

More BRUTALITY achievement than FATALITY, but yeah, Tobias wins! Flawless victory!

–A welcome change of pace from many of these CW shows in that Jennifer basically isn’t interested in losing her virginity to a boy she’s on the run with. Noble.

–Tobias’ new tech helper is definitely getting on his boss and his help’s nerves. Kind of like an evil Felicity Smoak.

–Once again, great soundtrack cuts this week with The Delfonics’ “Ready Or Not”.

–I’m sure Khalil is regretting asking to see his mom before turning himself in.

–“‘Blue’? There’s no imagination in that, it’s like picking ‘ice cream’.”

–“I always said I’d have your back!”

NEXT TIME: Kara tried to adjust to Alex’s memory loss in Supergirl, Barry has to save his daughter from being trapped in someone’s mind in The Flash, and Tobias starts making his big move in Black Lightning! Also, a brief thought or two on the Titans season finale.

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