DC TV Recap Round-Up, Week 18: Krypton Watch!

5 Apr

Welcome back! We got some recaps of Black Lightning and Legends of Tomorrow to tide you over in this installment of the recap round-up! But first, we would be remiss (and also very short on content this time) if we didn’t take a brief look at another DC TV show that just premiered on Syfy: the sorta-Superman prequel series, Krypton!

Set 200 years before Krypton met its explosive end, we join Kal-El’s ancestors as their family is destroyed when Val-El, the grandfather of Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe), is sentenced to death and his family stripped of their rank in the Krypton hierarchy. Seg and his parents grow up among the “Rankless” (basically commoners), as Seg juggles a secret relationship with Lyta-Zod (Georgina Campbell) and being forced into a union with the higher ranking Vex clan. But when a stranger appears from the distant future by the name of Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos), it forces Seg to realize he has a greater purpose: and that is to save his planet and his bloodline from destruction. You know, because his grandkid is going to be Superman and all.

Up front, this is a really beautiful looking series, and sells the idea of this alien planet in its heyday really well. You get this is meant to feel like a Game of Thrones style show about political intrigue and deep mystery, but still needs to remind us of a long term goal: that Superman could be destroyed by the arrival of classic Superman baddie Brainiac into Seg’s present (questionably represented as a ticking clock in a Superman cape very slowly dissolving the longer the Brainiac threat exists). And the supporting performances are good enough, like Seg’s forced mate, Nyssa-Vex (Wallis Day), adding the right amount of machination, cruelty, and likability to a morally murky character. What is the verdict on this though?

Based on the first episode, it’s hard to say. Unlike the shows covered here, there’s only ten episodes for this season, and while the first episode does a good job of setting up the base things you need to know, it does so at such a clip there’s not much time to know the characters. I’ll be checking in on this one for the time being, and maybe file a season review here later.

“The Book of Little Black Lies”

Last time, Jennifer told Anissa about having superpowers, and maybe unwisely, Anissa lets her know that it runs in the family, like her and dear old dad. Unlike her sister, Jennifer really just wants to live a normal quiet life, but that whole having powers thing is going to make that impossible. Meantime, Jefferson is still dealing with his emotions after hearing Gamby’s confession, and that whole thing of Black Lightning being hunted by the cops. And Gamby is discovering that many of those kids he found thirty years ago are still alive, but kept in cold storage.

All of this comes together as Jefferson and Anissa (who gets a new suit, thanks to Gamby) look to shut down the facility creating Green Light, and when they do, it converges with Detective Henderson staking out Gamby’s boss, Proctor. The Green Light lab gets blown up good, and Henderson manages to get a nice bust in the process. Of course, this can only be the prelude to trouble now that Proctor’s operation has been seriously hit like this. But right now, Jefferson has to mend bridges with Jennifer over an impromptu movie night.

Even a father taking his daughter to work trip can be made cool if you walk away from an explosion without looking back at it!

–Gamby is one guy you don’t mess with. I mean, he has a syringe of deadly snake venom and another with the antidote just on standby when he needs to get information.

–The Barack and Michelle Obama masks were an inspired touch.

–No Tobias this week, let alone Lala and whatever he’s up to with his creepy ghost people.

–Actual mention of Vixen and Supergirl, which means there is some connection with the rest of the DC TV shows.

–Talk about Anissa’s butt has become a meme. I’m sure she feels better knowing she’s got more online fans than Black Lightning.

–“Not unless you come in here to tell me you’re Vixen.”

–“That’s President Obama. It’s disrespectful to call him by his first name.”

“Necromancing the Stone”

The Legends have their fill this episode, mostly because that creepy death totem from last episode calls for Sara who, when she touches it, becomes possessed by Mallus! So the team has to find a solution, and that involves Ava, who goes on her own (OK, with Gary, but pretty much on her own) to find help in John Constantine. Meanwhile, the team is trapped on the Waverider with possessed Sara, and have to face off with some of their darkest fears used to trick them. They need someone to bear the newly reformed fire totem to help shift the balance of the fight, and that someone is everyone’s favorite drunk pyromaniac, Mick Rory!

It takes a while to convince Mick he might be the right guy for this gig, but once he does, he handles it like a pro. With Constantine and Ava’s help, they are able to bring Sara out of the astral plane and back into control of her body. But, this experience has really rattled Sara to the point where she wants to put the brakes on her relationship with Ava just to keep her safe. Awww, I can’t see how this would be the cause of any problems that come up next episode, can you?

I think one of the Legends just found their Halloween costume for this year!

–“This spot reserved for the girlfriend of Sara Lance” note was a nice loop, considering we saw her and Ava’s bedside chat at the start of the episode.

–So we learn Sara was bothered by a little girl who saw Sara murder her dad back when she was with the League of Assassins.

–We get some interesting ghouls to torment our heroes’ psyches: Nate’s granddad from last season, Zari’s brother, and Jesse Quick to distract Wally.

–A passing exchange as Amaya and Zari return from one anachronism solving case: Da Vinci was a cross dresser who based the Mona Lisa on himself.

–The Beebo socks Gary has. And who would have thought Gary would have the solution to things based on playing Dungeons and Dragons?

–“Sometime these holo-feeds cans can really wash out your skin.”

–“My business card says ‘Master of the Dark Arts’, not Doctor Ruddy What’s His Face’!” “Who?” “Exactly.”

NEXT TIME: Get ready for two weeks worth of recaps! On Black Lightning, Gamby comes under fire and Jefferson gets burned with some of those flames, while on Legends of Tomorrow, we learn the truth about Ava and the Legends rely on an unholy alliance to fight Mallus!

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