DC TV Recap Round-Up, Week 15: Ye Ol’ Time Country Pirates!

5 Mar

Welcome back! We’re back to a full lineup this week, and as such, let’s get to recaps of Black Lightning, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow!

“Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder”

Jefferson got left for dead after his powers flared up at the end of last episode, but luckily Gamby arrived to get him to safety before the police arrived. Of course, now knowing Tobias Whale is still alive, he wants payback on the man who murdered his father, and that worries Gamby enough to convince Lynn to help talk Jefferson down from killing Tobias. But even Gamby’s motives for this are suspect, as it seems he knows Lady Eve very well. And then there’s Jefferson’s planned attack on Tobias going south when Lynn is accosted at her job by some thugs!

But before that, we need to mention Anissa is learning more about her lineage, and also dealing out some justice in destroying a Confederate statue on her campus. She asks her mom for help examining her granddad’s papers, and is on her way to see her when Lynn is attacked by said thugs. And because both Anissa and Jefferson have no clue who the other is when they both arrive to save Lynn, they end up in a fight where it becomes clear what is going on. What will this mean for Jefferson and his oldest daughter going forward?

I’m sure they’ll both look back on this attempted beat down of each other and laugh.

–The other storyline to note is Jennifer dealing with Khalil, who shames a girl online, and is clearly angry at her for taking him to that rally that got him crippled. And he’s offered a chance to heal by Tobias, but what does that mean?

–Hey, Tobias’ lady henchperson can speak!

–Detective Henderson is now getting suspicious about his own police department after asking about how they got that tip on where the injured Black Lightning was. His boss pretty much got a unlisted phone call that could have just said “THE GUY WHO PAID ME OFF” on it.

–Jefferson’s dad got fed paper until he died. Jeez.

–“You’re so corny.”

–“All it takes is for one cop–one cop–to see your color instead of your humanity, and decide ‘better dead than sorry’.”

–“There was a time you could depend on white folks to be professional.”

“Subject 9”

Even though Barry is cleared of being a murderer, he learns he’s being put on an indefinite leave of absence from…whatever job it was he did (seriously, it’s been ages since he remotely did any CSI work, it’s embarrassing!). That leaves him extra time to help Team Flash find the most recent dark matter made metahuman likely on DeVoe’s brain-sucking list: Izzy, a Country fiddler looking to become successful. Her power is to create sonic waves with her fiddling prowess (get your mind out fo the gutter, people!), and that works well against a not quite at full strength DeVoe, who is still in Hazard’s body. So Barry tries to teach her how to use her powers to defend herself against DeVoe in the future, but maybe he pushes her a bit too far, as Ralph thinks is going on.

Ralph becomes interested in Izzy enough to want to keep her safe, even when she decides she can fight and beat DeVoe on her own. That of course is a HUGE mistake, and she ends up becoming the new host body for the Thinker! With this bummer bit of news, Ralph suggests a new job for Barry while he is out of the CCPD: working with Ralph in his investigation firm to find the remaining metahumans on DeVoe’s list! Hey, it’s Investigation Buddies!

“Yeah, we’re here to protect you, and behind us is the list of people who died because we failed to. We aren’t very good at this.”

–There is one plothole from last episode that gets patched easily here, as Ralph’s impersonation of Clifford DeVoe has been going on for a bit to contend with police interviews.

–Harry gets to help Cecile get some sleep with a inhibitor device that almost works on DeVoe in that final fight. This also happens to be mentioned by Savitar/Evil Barry back from last season.

–Ralph telling Izzy to look at him as she’s getting DeVoe downloaded into her. Brutal.

–DeVoe’s wife is clearly getting disturbed by how volatile her husband is getting, especially as he’s jumping to different host bodies and gaining more powers. Also, we now know that lab is in a pocket dimension somewhere, so that’s a start to stopping him, right?

–“”Futons aren’t bad!” “They are when they’re damp!”

–“I’d be careful, killer robots have been known to come out of there.”

–“No one has checked her website?”

“The Curse of the Earth Totem”

While Sara is taking some time off for a first date with Agent Sharpe, the rest of the Legends decide on their own to locate the missing Earth Totem: last seen in 1717 Nassau, home of many pirates! The group run into Blackbeard, who knows where the totem is, and the Darhk father-daughter duo, who want it too for Mallus! Meantime, Rip Hunter is trying to convince Wally West to join him, or specifically, join the Legends in stopping Mallus, and after some heavy drinking and karaoke, do steal a time portal doohickey from Time Bureau punching bag, Agent Gary. Gary’s mugging by speedster gets him onto the Waverider as Sharpe learns what has happened, and Sara learns what happened to her teammates.

Like what, exactly? Oh just Amaya’s totem is taken by Damien, she’s stuck with Mick and Blackbeard to retrieve the Earth Totem, while the rest of the team are stuck in the present, thanks to unfortunate landing space (the Bermuda Triangle!) and being hit by cannonballs! While some of our team tries to help their stranded teammates, they lose both Amaya’s and Earth Totem to Darhk, but Ray ends up shooting Nora Darhk with his special nanite gun that kills magic. The problem is the shot will ultimately kill Nora, and Ray is not cool with this, so he returns to Nassau to give her an antidote. And surprise surprise, Ray gets taken prisoner by Damien and Nora! So much for being helpful!

Not many first dates include fighting actual pirate era pirates.

–Nice reference back to the Vixen animated series with the reference to her professor boyfriend. Of course, we don’t see him, but no matter.

–That throwaway thing with Zari’s new hairstyle. Can’t take a compliment very well, huh?

–Um, I’m sure that Cisco made alcohol for speedsters should have straight up killed Rip, right? No way he would have survived to do “Careless Whisper” karaoke in Japan.

–Sharpe’s 15th birthday party sounds like fun.

–“Um, do you want me to box this up for you?” Not now, Gary!

–“We should probably not mess around with history while she’s still on appetizers.”

–“Shaken’s for lightweights who like their booze watered down. And James Bond.”

NEXT TIME: Black Lightning deals with learning one of his daughters is superpowered, the Flash has to slow time to stop a bomb that has already gone off, and the Legends have to rescue Ray Palmer from Damian Darhk!

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