DC TV Recap Round-Up, Week 13: Meta-Prison Break!

12 Feb

Welcome back! This is gonna be the last full recap round-up for a bit as we got Flash and Supergirl going on a break, but until then, let’s get to it…

“Black Jesus”

Jefferson has trouble hit his school when a honor student goes crazy and slightly super strong thanks to a new drug called Green Light. So while Jeff tries to make sure this student doesn’t lose his college chances, he hits the streets as Black Lightning to find the source of the Green Light distribution. He actually gets distracted by some activity nearby, which he doesn’t get to see, which might be good, because it’s Anissa dealing with some muscle harassing a local lesbian bar. It’s not the first attempt at vigilante justice Anissa is involved in (her first is stopping some Green Light dealers), and now Gamby is secretly taking an interest in this.

Meantime, Tobias is feeling the heat from Lady Eve, and sends for his sister to help take down Black Lightning, who he believes is not some copycat as he originally thought. The siblings think poisoning Black Lightning to the community might do it, and they have a way to do it in the crippled boyfriend of Jennifer: Khalil. Khalil has to learn he is permanently crippled, but gets relief in an anonymous source who is paying the medical bills and for other things like a new video game system. And that donor is…Tobias Whale!

This guy’s Instagram is going to blow up!

–Lady Eve just offhandedly threatens Tobias with that tale about albinos while performing embalming on a corpse that doesn’t seem all that dead? There’s a lot of creepy in that sentence.

–Hilarious the guy who Black Lightning is shaking down wants a selfie with him before being knocked out.

–Jefferson really tries to help save this honor student by giving up some control to the school board to do it, and what happens? He has to save that kid from a drug den anyway because that Green Light is far more addictive than he thought.

–Just to show us Anissa is still kind of new to this vigilante business: she has to call for an ambulance because she crushed the chest of the drug dealers she beat up.

–Tobias feeds rats to a giant tank of piranhas. That has to pay off later on in the season, yeah?

–“Snitches get what?”

–“It’s like you lied on your resume.”

–“Was he dressed like Earth, Wind, and Fire?”

“Both Sides Now”

Supergirl and company arrive at a house to capture the Worldkiller they identified last episode: a woman named Julia. Julia seems surprised by all these resources to arrest her, but that Worldkiller persona, Purity, kicks in and leads to her being captured by the DEO. Both Kara and Alex start conflicting on how to interrogate Julia, who seems to drift in and out of being Purity. Add to that, Reign gets switched on during an awkward time, when Sam is taking her daughter out on a personal trip (and more on that later).

Purity escapes the DEO lockup, and everyone has to rush to find her before Reign does. Somehow, all that talk from Kara and Alex reaches the Julia part of her and she saves them all by going by choice with Reign. Kara thinks the Worldkillers might be too powerful to fight, so maybe they need a new approach, by reaching out to the human personalities in them. Also, Lena finally pieces together that Sam is Reign! That’s quite a bit to leave open for the next two months as we go to hiatus here!

Supergirl: now Bluetooth enabled.

–We get some tension from Mon-El when he reveals that the marriage with Imra was arranged, and that his love for her is not the same as his love for Kara. Also, Imra and Brainiac-5 are on Earth for a different mission than Mon-El knew of. What mission, exactly?

–Julia just singing along to Lisa Loeb was a cheesy touch.

–“Now go do superheroic stuff!”

–“Winn, get your chicken wings!”

–“You get precisely one ‘hell yeah’ today. I hope you enjoyed it.”

“True Colors”

Barry is moved to prison warden Wolff’s secret metahuman holding cells, and his cellmates are those dark matter metahumans from throughout the season! Wolff is selling all of them to Amunet Black, so Barry engineers a prison break for all of them. Meantime, Ralph discovers he can use his elasticity to imitate people, and once they realize Wolff is corrupt, think Ralph could be useful in helping Barry out of this by imitating the crooked warden. As that doesn’t work out so well, neither does Barry’s escape attempt, when the Thinker arrives and sucks the life out of Wolff, sucks the life out of almost all the dark matter metahumans, and then downloads himself into bad luck meta Hazard’s body!

Barry decides to return to prison, despite the mess that has just happened at Iron Heights. But Team Flash steps up and pulls an ingenious hat trick: Ralph impersonating the original Clifford DeVoe, who somehow came back from the dead! The judge, knowing how much lunacy has happened in the last four seasons of this, has Barry released from jail! Of course, now the family know Ralph is likely to be the next victim of The Thinker’s power sucking plan!

Wanna suck some brains?

–Killer Frost has to be the one to knock Ralph out of his insecurity over failing? Well, it can’t be Wells, since he’s off on Earth-2 for personal reasons.

–DeVoe’s wife is starting to doubt what her husband is doing, so much so that DeVoe in his new lady body then drugs her to be obedient. Hard to walk that back, Clifford.

–I don’t know, but the legal system in this city is really lazy. Maybe take fingerprints of this man who we thought was dead to make sure who he is?

–“Thank you, ice Oprah.”

–“I really hate being right all the time.”

–“That’s on you, bro.”

NEXT TIME: The Flash is back in a few weeks and Supergirl goes on hiatus until April, but until then, the Legends are back to do an exorcism with John Constantine, while Black Lightning deals with a ghost from the past.

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