DC TV Recap Round-Up, Week 12: Girl Powers!

5 Feb

Welcome back! Let’s get into another week of recaps for Black Lightning, Supergirl, and The Flash

“Lawanda: The Book of Burial”

At the memorial service for Lawanda, the local reverend tells his flock to join him in a march against the violence caused by The Hundred. Jefferson thinks this is a bad idea, as does Detective Henderson, but this pushes Jefferson to do what he can to protect the peace during it. And if you think the reverend’s help is against this, you learn Tobias and his boss, Lady Eve, want to seriously squash this thing before it interferes with their business. Meantime, Anissa is learning how to manage her superpowers and Jennifer calmly tells her parents when she’s going to start having sex with her boyfriend, so the Pierce family has a lot to contend with on their own.

A lot of the Pierce family stuff collides as the march goes on, and Tobias has an attack on it foiled by Black Lightning. But Tobias gets one more word in and has a sniper bullet injure the reverend…but possibly paralyze Jennifer’s boyfriend! Then there’s Gamby erasing surveillance footage revealing Tobias was involved in the shooting, and why would he do that? Does this have anything to do with why both Black Lightning and Tobias think the other is dead?

The most awkward dinner in DC TV history.

–Interesting to see the Outsiders comic book in this universe. Makes me wonder which Earth this is set on.

–Maybe not have video of you testing your superpowers on your iPhone. Also, is Anissa getting close to that bookstore employee behind her girlfriend’s back?

–Tobias telling that guy to stop bleeding on his table after stabbing that guy in the hand really tells you a lot about him, doesn’t it?

–“I put on work shoes.”

–“These fools want to get to heaven, but don’t wanna die.”

–“Son, the answer is ‘NO’!”

“For Good”

The whole feud between Lena Luthor and Morgan Edge finally boils over as an attempt on Edge’s life drives him to straight up poison her in retaliation! She survives, but since she didn’t try killing Edge, which started this insane mess, then who did? The answer’s pretty obvious when Lena investigated her company’s files on a hunch when the mystery bullet that kills Edge’s hitman sounds familiar to a design from her company. Dear old mom, Lillian, is the one trying to kill Morgan Edge, because, he hurt her little daughter! Lena is not cool with this, but uses her mom’s next attempt to kill Edge to get him to confess on tape to all the heinous crap he did. Not sure that’ll hold up in court, but, good on you for using that Luthor cunning the right way, Lena!

Meantime, Alex has Sam checked out for whatever is going on with her “time gaps” and finds nothing unusual (so far…), but Sam’s got friends who will support her in solving this mystery, which I’m sure will still be there once they find out she’s the “Worldkiller”, Reign! Speaking of Worldkillers, Kara has a vision of them (for some reason), and she recognizes one of them from a list of potential people who may be like Reign as the woman we saw at the end of the last episode. But back up for a second, because, Kara is having visions now? This can’t be normal, right?

The real romance of season three, IMHO.

–Mon-El does help in fighting Lillian, and that makes for an odd moment where Lena sees him. You don’t think she’s putting the puzzle together on who Kara really is, do you?

–No Jeremiah this episode, which has me slightly concerned.

–Nice appearance of the old Lex Luthor battle armor that Lillian brings to her last attempt on Morgan Edge’s life.

–“It was fifth grade!”

–“Don’t grab women, ‘sweetheart’.”

“Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash”

Barry learns more about his new prison buddy, Big Sir, and how he too is a man wrongly convicted of murder. So, Team Flash gets recruited to do a solid and find the real culprit, who just happens to be one of those dark matter affected people who can shrink and unshrink objects. And unfortunately, Cisco and Ralph fall victim to him, which would be bad enough, but Harry’s attempt to bring them back to normal size leaves the two on a clock to explode! Meantime, Cecile seems to have awoken some latent mind reading power from her pregnancy, which makes things awkward for pretty much everyone.

While Harry tricks our bad guy into restoring Cisco and Ralph to normal, the team doesn’t get a confession to get Big Sir out of prison. So Barry decides to do a solid and get Big Sir out of his own to China no less! Too bad for Barry that the warden, Wolff, was crafty enough to install hidden surveillance to learn Barry is The Flash! But that’s nothing compared to what Wolff has in mind for Barry now, as in Barry being sold off to Amunet Black!

Oh man, Iris has some Ralph on her shoe.

–They still have the Lego diorama of the Savitar confrontation from last season. That’s creepy.

–Barry had to go to prison to learn how to cheat at cards with his superspeed.

–I guess DeVoe is busy again this week, but the previews for next week suggest we’re gonna catch up on some of those metas he’s been interested in all season.

–“No, my grandmother did not give me a mystical totem!”

–“I’m watching your emotions in IMAX!”

–“I’m a gumshoe, not gum on a shoe!”

NEXT TIME: Black Lightning is taking the fight to The Hundred, Supergirl deals with a newly awakened Worldkiller, and The Flash may have to stage a prison break to save more than himself!

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