Dusting Off The Shelf: Letter W

3 Jul

Finally back… I’m losing steam on this as we get to end of the alphabet but I AM GOING TO FINISH! For W I finally sat down to watch Warm Bodies which has sat on my shelf since it came out years ago.

Synopsis: In a vaguely “Romeo & Juliet” manner, a zombie in a post-apocalyptic landscape of sorts, falls in love with a living girl. Also, there are monster zombies. And John Malkovich.

Why I chose this film: I wanted to see this in the theater but no one would go with me. Then when I got the DVD, it sat there on my shelf because though I wanted to see it the “Romeo & Juliet” comment I read bored me. But for this activity, it seemed like a good time to break down and finally watch it as I decided I could use the giggle. I mean… it was obviously gonna suck, right? But it seemed like it’d be laughable.

Guess what? It didn’t suck. I really liked it.

And it got past R&J comparisons (or at least past them being noticeable) pretty quickly.

I enjoyed that the story was told from the zombie, R’s, perspective. It put a different view on things- especially since it had to make R sympathetic (which is not easy to do with a zombie… I mean, he wants to eat my brains!) Also, bonus… it took me a few minutes to recognize Nicholas Hoult, which is good because I focused more on story/performance instead of the who, and I like him a lot. So that was a nice surprise (I did not recognize him in the cover pic and honestly didn’t read the rest of the cover before watching).

Will I watch it again: Yes. Even though there was a cheezy plot device used, I didn’t mind it because it was well done. I definitely think this will go in rotation. And I kicked myself for not watching it sooner. There was humor and some scares, though not so many (or so gory) that I wouldn’t watch it with some of my youngers (NOT my littles/kidlets, mind… but totes YA).

Why you should watch it too (or run far away!): Do you like sorta cheezy zombie flicks? Yes? Then have a seat, I’ll get the popcorn. If you answered no… well, I can’t help you. I think a new PoTC just came out. Maybe that will work for you.

What do you think?

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