My Latest Obsession- Henry Cavill, the big budget flicks

6 Oct

002-Henry-CavillContinuing with my obsession with all things Henry Cavill, I’ve taken to watching some of the bigger budget, wider release films.

Of course, we all know of Man of Steel. In fact, we’ve written several posts here about it. It’s still not a good Superman movie- but I will accept it as a summer blockbuster. In some ways I am looking forward to next summers Batman vs Superman film, but in other ways… I’m terrified. But that is neither here nor there. MoS was the film that truly brought Henry Cavill to the international view. Even though Henry had been in multiple pieces at that point that put him in the public eye- I’m looking at you, The Tudors– it was MoS that made people look at him and go “whoa”.

So… MoS is basically the film when looking at the big budget projects of Henry Cavill.


There are others.

the-man-from-uncleMost recently the delightful romp, Man from U.N.C.L.E. After hearing about this film for well over a year, I was excited to finally have it released. Then life happened and it took me a month to see it. But when I did… it was exactly the fun adventure I’d been hoping for. I remember watching the reruns when I was a kid, but I barely remembered the plot. So the concept of the film was basically unknown to me- which was a nice surprise (especially since though I knew it was coming out, I had managed to avoid all of the commercials). Basic plot points- CIA guy and KGB guy have to team up to stop a former Nazi-ish guy with a nuclear weapon. Did I mention it’s set at the peak of the Cold War? Thus… fabulous 60’s costumes, behaviors, language, and style.

Not too mention the puns. Oh, lordy, the puns.

And the suits… I’m sorry, I think I was drooling.


In any case, I went into the movie hoping for an afternoon of entertainment and came out asking, “when does the next one come out?”. So that’s a win, right? I really enjoyed the pairing of Henry with Armie Hammer. Though I was super amused that the Brit was playing the American, while the American was playing the Russian.

Speaking of- did y’all know that our Lee (who hails from the UK!) was unaware that Henry Cavill was British until recently watching the MoS commentary. This fact amuses me.

Anyways- what this tells us is that Cavill is a bankable movie star. These two films were hugely different, yet they drew an audience. Though, admittedly MfU has a much smaller take home.

immortalsThe only other of Henry’s films that had a large enough release to be considered a big budget film was Immortals. Everything else that was widely released did not have Cavill in a starring role- so they don’t count. Immortals was something that I missed when it came out. Not sure why, pretty half nekkid guys running around fighting things is usually right up my alley.

These days I can tell you I have seen Immortals numerous times. And not because it is a great film. The Greek myths are not accurately portrayed. Not at all. And I find that very annoying. However, as long as I shut my brain off and just enjoy the pretty, it’s a good bit of entertainment.

The three films are very different. However, they do provide a nice variety for fans to see the different abilities of Cavill. Alright, two of the characters are physically dynamic, but that’s about all they have in common.

In any case, Henry Cavill is officially a bankable movie star. And I for one, am looking forward to what he does next.

Until next time!

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