So Who Is Watching SUMMERSLAM 2015 Today?

23 Aug

As I write this there are still a few hours before the show begins… and I cannot believe I am excited to watch WWE. This will be the third WWE thing I have ever seen. The first was two weeks ago when Stephen Amell (“Oliver Queen” on Arrow) apppeared on WWE RAW. He ended up in the ring beating “Stardust” and being pulled off by “security”. 


It was hilarious. And awesomely fun.

The other day, I watched my second WWE- WWE Smackdown– because there was nothing else but repeats and documentaries I wasn’t interested in. It was amusing. I decided that “El Torito”, the tiny bull in one of the tag teams, is my favorite. And I decided I was going to find a way to watch WWE SummerSlam.

stardustVamellHow could I not? I’ve been watching the “Stardust” v Stephen Amell twitter feud all summer. And we’re such big fans around here of Stephen’s… well, how could I miss this? I haven’t laughed so much (in a good way) in a long time.

I’ve known about the WWF/WWE all my life- there’s even some story of Hulk Hogan doing something crazy in a hotel downtown from when I was a kid- but until recently, I’d never watched it. There are those that say it’s ‘fake’, and I don’t disagree. At the very least it is choreographed in a basic form… But what it is, at its core, is entertainment. I don’t see this being a regular thing for me- I just can’t get past the ridiculousness (I mean, seriously- some of the drama is cheesier than a daytime soap opera!)- but I cannot wait to see Stephen Amell in the ring today.

Who’s with me? (btw- if you haven’t already, check out Stephen’s current charity t-shirt campaign… ends tomorrow night!)


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