Are you the Maze Runner who can get them all out?

4 Feb

Finally had a chance to catch up on some DVDs recently. Top of the list was Maze Runner– not because I’d read the book but more because I liked the preview and Dylan O’Brien was starring. I like that boy on Teen Wolf.

maze runner

I’ll give the film a solid GOOD because I didn’t get distracted by other things while watching- a curse of watching movies at home is that the internet and cellphone are right there. But the film keep s a nice pace, and is visually attractive. The acting is good, not great- but that’s what I expect from most films these days. It was good enough to keep the audience in the moment.

I should probably go read the books now, I guess.

The story is a little like “Lord of the Flies” meets Lost meets Firefly. A group of young boys/men are trapped in a space at the center of huge maze. They have no memories, accept for their names. They can’t get out- the maze changes (not to mention the creatures in the maze!). The group has developed a civilization of sorts- there’s a leader, hunters, builders, meds, and runners- those who scout the maze. And once a month, supplies arrive. Along with a new boy.

maze runner 2

My Firefly comment relates to something akin to the Alliance being behind this whole thing… it made sense in my head. And also the rudimentariness of the society…

One has to wonder how long this society would survive as is…

But of course, a complication comes with a new arrival, Thomas (O’Brien), who doesn’t take to the status quo. He wants out.

If I tell you more, I’d spoil the entire thing. Needless to say, the film ends with an obvious cliffhanger due to the nature of making a movie out of a book series- book 2 will be movie 2 (which has been greenlit- and filming recently wrapped). And there are certainly just as many questions now as there were during the film- what with the information gained at the end of this story…

maze runner 3

It was a good film, worth a viewing on Netflix or DVD. And my liking of Dylan O’Brien is glad that it’s not just Teen Wolf that I enjoy him in (says something about acting ability… I think). But it does make me wonder- does ever book series that sells well for young adults have to be made into a movie?

The sequel, The Scorch Trials, is due out later this year.

What do you think?

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