May The Fourth Be With You

4 May

Happy Star Wars Day!


OK… but what is Star Wars Day?

Well, I did a little research because it would make sense to celebrate the day that the original film premiered- but apparently that has nothing to do with this day. Instead it is simply a connection to the frequently used phrase, “may the force be with you” being punned into a holiday. I’m OK with that.

I love Star Wars. Was raised on it- it premiered before I was born, but my family was out of the country. I was still in utero, of course, when they saw it but at least I was mostly there! 😉 But the series was considered to be family friendly. Yeah, OK, there’s a lot of fighting and shooting at people. But the bad guys rarely ever hit anyone. And kids back then were much smarter than kids today- or maybe it’s that parents were much smarter?- because kids knew and understood fantasy & fiction vs reality.

I’m sure I saw Empire Strikes Back in the theater, but I don’t remember it. I do recall seeing Return of the Jedi in the theater. And somewhere, I still have my original Ewok stuffed animal. 🙂

So how will you be celebrating this special day? It’s also Free Comic Book Day, so hopefully you’ll take an hour or so to run out to your local comic shop. I’m not at my apt in LA this week, so I don’t have my DVDs. I would probably marathon the films if I had them… I just checked the local TV Guide and not a single station is reported to be running them. Now, it’s likely I’ll turn on SpikeTV later and they’ll be running but there’s no advertising! Also, my brother apparently does not own the DVDs. It’s like I don’t even know him!

I don’t know how I’ll be celebrating… yet. I’ll figure something out.

Beautiful work from

I do know that our friends at All The Nomz (a charity cookbook coming out this summer- with a recipe from me!) are having a cooking competition where the prize is a $50 gift certificate to ThinkGeek. I would love to participate but, again, I’m not at home. That’s actually why I’m running this post early- I want to make sure you have a chance to get in. I mean, ATN is in the UK, as I’m writing this post, they’ve already started celebrating. Get to work now!

And if you win, I get 7%.

What do you think?

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