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Television Graveyard – Supplemental Plot 2, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

8 Jul


Stewart here…

With the release of another Terminator movie this month, one of the better versions of this franchise came in 2008, just not on the big screen. The Fox TV show,Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, seemed like an odd choice for a franchise that had entered blockbuster territory after Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Being the original Terminator was a low budget affair that maximized its budget to become a influential Sci-Fi movie, could a weekly TV show do justice to that? In a word: Continue reading

Quickie Thoughts on Syfy’s New Friday Night Lineup

17 Jan

Stewart here…

Besides watching the new season of Banshee (a show clearly less “Nerdsquee” and more “WTFF?” territory), my Friday night TV watching is generally light. And with the recent news of the new season of Hannibal premiering in the summer (!), its going to be more so during the spring. However, as I had some spare time this Friday, I decided to check out the new lineup of shows on Syfy that night. Continue reading

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