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Surviving Coronapocalypse 101

3 Apr

I have been meaning to write something for a bit but my life is fluid at the moment, up to change at all times, and that is overwhelmingly exhausting. But I think it’s important that I use the voice this page has given me (thanks for that) and present some thoughts about surviving this pandemic lockdown. Continue reading

What would you watch if you had all the time in the world?

21 May

You may not know this but I recently completed my dissertation and with it, pretty much my doctorate. I mean, just one piddly little internship to go! This has opened up a ton of free time that I had previously (for the last several years) used to focus on researching and writing my dissertation. Time that could’ve been spent watching TV! but alas, was used to write a ridiculously long document that demonstrates that our legal system is broken… or something like that. Continue reading

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