Too many trailers, too many teases

24 Feb

Today, I want to talk about why I never watch trailers and hate casting spoilers. Whenever a new movie or tv show starts teasing something upcoming, they release teasers and trailers. They run on TV and before movies. We all know this, right? Well… I hate them. Mostly.

I know. Unpopular opinion. But I have my reasons.

First of all, so often major plot points are teased or even shown in the trailers. Studios don’t just release one, either. Often major studio films will have 3 or more trailers released in the months or even year before something in released. They make a big deal about releasing them, too- I can’t recall how many times I have awoken to scroll twitter in the morning to see everyone posting and reposting a trailer.

I still haven’t had a chance to see Wonder Woman 84, but I’ve had several friends tell me that there were no surprises because they’d seen all the trailers. (I have had lots of friends tell me lots of things, but this was the most annoying)(made me super glad I hadn’t seen any trailers all the way through).

Secondly, they are everywhere. When I was a kid there was a few television ads for movies, but mostly you had to see them in the theater before a movie. I don’t mind those. Also… they used to barely tell the audience anything. Made the entire movie a surprise. It was nice. They were true teases… hinting at a character or plot possibility…

It’s one thing to see a movie and know what is going to happen because it’s based on a book or something, but knowing what is going to happen because the trailers are everywhere is annoying.

Another thing that bothers me is all the casting spoilers. I really enjoy being surprised that someone is playing a role. But these days every day there’s a posting of so and so being cast as whomever in the latest tv show or movie. I am glad they are working (especially now) but I don’t think I need to know every little detail- it makes me not want to waste time watching. Sometimes I even have to force myself to watch something because I love an actor. I don’t mind seeing something saying that so and so got cast in a movie, it’s all the details that finish out the post. “He’ll be playing so and so, who is the villain of the story, opposite that other guy, who plays the hero, and whatshername her plays the love interest that they both pursue, but she goes dark blah blah blah”. Just kill me now. 

I know most people don’t care about these things and are going to tell me to just grow up but… I want to be surprised. I want to be sitting in a theater completely lost in a film because I knew nothing and the story has drawn me in. Or sitting on my couch and not playing on my phone because the show has my attention. I greatly appreciate my friends and several big sites that at least put a spoiler warning and try not to spoil everything, but so many times even scrolling past a post in social media will be spoilerific.

Is anyone else Team Surprise? Just me? Dang.

What do you think?

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