Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Season 7 recap, “Alien Commies From Outer Space!”

14 Jun

The Story So Far… Our team of heroes is traveling through time, trying to stop the Chronicoms plan to destroy SHIELD in the past. And they’ve been having to do that with a few hurdles in their own camp, like a Life Model Decoy version of Coulson, a not completely there May, a power futzing out YoYo, and now thanks to their need to jump at a specific time in order to get out of a specific point in the past, Enoch is now stranded in the 1930’s! But where did the time jumping Zephyr and the rest of the team go to?

Sometimes it’s helpful to have a white guy around.

New Mexico, 1955. The Zephyr makes a bumpy landing, and finds out they have put down in the New Mexico desert in 1955. As we have a chance to figure out things, we learn from Jemma that it’s uncertain how many time jumps they can make, so right now they are just following the Chronicoms through time. It’s clear they need to get a step ahead to stop them, and rightly surmising the Chronicoms have their own ship (and we see that they do), think they need tech to destroy it. And our heroes rightly deduce too that the Chronicoms might do the same thing, and the most obvious place to find it would be…Area 51!

After drugging and kidnapping an government official heading to Area 51 and who may have inadvertently given a Chronicom access to the base, LMD Coulson and Simmons go there themselves, pretending to be said official and…Peggy Carter (just a piece of info to note for later…)! When they get there, they learn of some special field test that afternoon, but need to weed out any Chronicoms that are on the base. Unfortunately for our duo at the base, a new complication arrives: one Agent Sousa (who you might remember from Agent Carter), who is a little surprised to hear her old friend Peggy Carter is on base. And he’s even more surprised to see the woman claiming to be Peggy isn’t her! So naturally, Sousa has both Simmons and LMD Coulson arrested, and Daisy is send in pretending to be a CIA operative to shadow Sousa in the meantime.

Hello, Daisy.

Back on the Zephyr, the crew is interrogating that government official about this ship killing technology that’s being developed, and find out its not remotely ready to go, being there’s no power source on Earth strong enough to power it. Only thing now, there is: a Chronicom has enough juice in itself to power it up, and there’s another reason why that would be a good plan. Mack recognizes some of the visitors at the base to be high-ranking SHIELD personnel, and it seems the device is meant to be turned into a bomb that will annihilate the base! While May and Yo-yo sneak onto the base to find the Chronicom, they aren’t so lucky as Yo-yo’s power is still on the fritz, and May has a freak out when she’s swamped by scientists fleeing a lab they just emptied with tear gas.

Daisy helps LMD Coulson and Simmons get out by knocking out Sousa, and learn the device is charging and will soon go off. While the base is getting its guests evacuated, May and Yo-yo find and fight the Chronicom now powering the device. Simmons comes up with a solution already being made in the base’s lab: a EMP device that will short out the electrics on that bomb. While LMD Coulson faces off against a second Chronicom (turns out they came in pairs!), Simmons and Daisy manage to rig the EMP to go off, and all the electrics in the area are fried. That means the device, the Chronicoms, and…LMD Coulson gets shut down too! Whoops!

As for our prisoner on the Zephyr, Simmons and Deke figure out a way to make anything he says about them sound like crazy talk: by faking an alien abduction! And it works!

“Moisttttt. Moiiiiiiist.”

–Sousa finds LMD Coulson unconscious, and some melted Chronicom. But it’s LMD Coulson I’m more worried about, especially as that flutter of color in his eyes before we last see him seems…concerning.

–We meet the head of this Chronicom invasion, and is al least helpful explaining why they can’t just explode if captured. Their tech left in the past would disrupt the time stream to the point SHIELD would come up faster, hence, why they melt when they die.

–Of course, the DOD prisoner thinks our heroes are commies. From the future.

–There’s still some tension about Daisy’s going against orders last episode, and I can’t help but think that need for her to fix history for the better might lead to some dramatic developments down the road.

–Watching LMD Coulson give the Voight-Kampf test from Blade Runner to an old lady was quite a hoot. Also seeing Simmons pretend to be the no B.S. Peggy Carter was equally fun.

–“Give me an hour, I’ll save them decades.”

–“Stupid white privilege.”

–“We’re the good guys, I swear!”

–“Moist. Moist. Moiiissssst.”

That’s it for now, but come back next week for the recap of “Out Of The Past”…

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