DC Recap Summer Session, Week 4

26 Jul

Welcome back! We got some classic recaps of Wonder Woman, Constantine, and Swamp Thing to get to, so let’s just get to that…

“Beauty on Parade”

Those pesky Nazis are back at it, sabotaging the U.S. Army, leading Steve and Diana to check out a military base where the saboteur(s) are suspected of hiding out in. While security seems to be tight as a drum, there is the allowance of beauty pageant contestants on the base to boost soldier morale (ahem). As it’s clear this pageant is making the rounds at the these bases around the times of the sabotages, Diana goes undercover in the traveling group of ladies to find the truth. Unfortunately, she can’t wow the talent competition by deflecting bullets with her bracelets!

So beside trying to find the saboteur of this new scanner array, she also is dealing with equally dangerous foes: pageant contestants! But surprise, our saboteurs were merely setting up a scenario to ambush General Eisenhower and his motorcade at a location where they can’t escape! But Wonder Woman does find the saboteur in the group (don’t trust the piano player!) and saves Eisenhower from certain death. Also, she wins the beauty pageant, which I can’t help but feel is a bit unfair to the normal contestants, but hey, them’s the breaks.

I’m not cool with Wonder Woman hijacking this beauty pageant.

–I think this is the first time we get the famous quick twirl costume change for Wonder Woman in this series.

–Dick Van Patten as the pageant host, and man, there’s a few times in his dialogue where you go “man, good thing this is set in the 40’s, because saying stuff like ‘make sure she wears as little as possible’ does not fly now!”

–Wonder Woman catches an RPG and flings it back at the bad guys, because…she can do that too.

–“Because when I monkey around, I use real monkeys!” Uh-huh.

“A Feast of Friends”

John has an old buddy of his from the Newcastle days, Gary, a burnout drug addict, drop by with some bad news. He was bringing a demon he exorcised out of someone to be dropped off in John’s sanctum for safekeeping, until airport security opened the binding container and let the demon out. As this demon infects people, consumes pretty much anything, and moves onto a new host eventually, John goes after the demon to contain it and finds Gary pulled out a stronger than average demon. Turns out the demon was affecting a village in the Sudan, and a shaman sacrificed a kid to be the vessel for it, a vessel that Gary freed the demon from.

So knowing that only a living vessel can contain the demon, John decides there’s only one way to solve this problem: and that’s put the demon…into Gary! Gary agrees though to sacrifice himself to contain the demon, and takes the demon into himself. And John has to lock his friend in a room in the sanctum, and be there as Gary spends his final days alive in absolute agony. Yep, being a friend to Constantine never ends well.

When friends care enough to put a demon inside of you…

–Constantine makes a security guard dance at that museum, because…you need some fun before doing something messed up like putting a demon into your junkie buddy.

–If this and Legends of Tomorrow prove anything, don’t be a friend to Constantine if your name is Gary. Especially if your name is Gary.

–That whole hallucination scene where John gets his eye popped out was insane.

–“You know what I say: everyone has the capacity to change.” “You’ve never said that.” “Exactly.”

“Darkness on the Edge of Town”

Always be careful of corpses you find in the swamp is the lesson here, as the discovery of a decomposed body leads to a deadly curse being passed around to its unfortunate victims! That curse is the victim believing their worst nightmares have come to life, and usually ending with violent outcomes (like say, shoving your hand into a garbage disposal to kill nightmare snakes, for example). Thanks to Alec’s help, Abby learns what is going on with this curse, and manages to bring it back to the swamp inside her so Swampy can exorcise it out and back into the corpse. Also, she has a nightmare vision of who might be her dad, which can’t be a foreshadowing to anything.

Meantime, Avery is busy burying that crooked accountant he murdered last episode, and holding a little crawfish banquet in honor of that pesky swamp virus being cured. But he’s also doing some other shady stuff, like buying off little Susie’s uncle so she can stay with him and Maria. Maria however, still has her dead daughter on the brain, and maybe it’s not just on the brain, if you get what I mean. Everyone’s preparing for something, which is gonna make things a little anticlimactic considering we only have six more episodes after this.

You’re still in the Friend Zone, Swampy, remember that.

–So we learn Abby’s nightmare was something she had as a child, but ended when her mom died. Curious.

–Ian Ziering (I know he has a character name and is Blue Devil, but hey, this is easier) tried helping out Abby throughout this episode, and is maybe actually trapped in Marais.

–Maybe me, But I would’ve tried stopping that guy who stabbed his arm repeatedly before he shoved it into a garbage disposal.

–“You’re my friend.” Swampy takes that as well as you think.

NEXT TIME: Wonder Woman gets a visit from her little sister, Constantine must reluctantly team up with Papa Midnite, and Abby must be the help of Swamp Thing to fight a deadly ghost of her dead friend!

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