Some Thoughts on Season 2 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

17 May

Stewart here…

As I’ve discussed this season of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD earlier in the year, I thought I’d discuss in various bullet points some random thoughts that crossed my mind while watching the season finale and reflecting on the season as a whole:

–Hopefully we’ll meet some actually nice Inhumans next season, because the latter half of this season didn’t stack that good/evil Inhuman balance that well. With the exclusion of electroshock guy and Raina’s turnabout from baddie to self-sacrificial lamb, almost all of them were at best, misled, or in the case of Skye’s mom and teleporter Gordon, evil.

–So, who’s in charge of SHIELD now? I ask because almost all of this “real SHIELD” command has been decimated, which leaves Coulson (the man that no one in “real SHIELD” wanted to lead to begin with) the ranking guy in charge it seems. At the very least, some nobodies we haven’t seen a getting a promotion.

–Speaking of Coulson, this:

On the plus side, maybe he can get one of them Deathlok arms with a rocket launcher built in.

–Skye’s mom is dead and her dad is mindwiped. But, at least she gets to help run a “Secret Warriors-esque” team of superpowered people, so, there’s that. Also, since Coulson’s an arm short, she can drive Lola around.


–How about we avoid talking about Cal’s ‘roided out appearance and move on…

–BUT really? Mindwipe Cal into being a veterinarian using the TAHITI program, because that clearly worked sooooo well for Coulson. I’m just saying, an anger prone mindwiped veterinarian in a major city is hopefully being watched like a hawk.

–Cal snaps Jiaying’s neck and THEN breaks her back to kill her? I would think that would be more effective the other way around.

–No Deathlok for these last few episodes. It’s odd, because the last we see of him this season is him being shuttled away to recover from that HYDRA experimentation.

–May’s Bahrain story. That was a pretty emotional one. Good she takes some time off work.

–May getting some payback on Ward by tricking his girlfriend into playing her, and then Ward killing her thinking it was May. Oooooooh, ice cold.

–Grant Ward, head agent of HYDRA? We’ll see…

–Bobbi’s 2 on 1 fight was a highlight of this season ender. Plus, her admission of no regret in Agent 33’s capture by HYDRA was great. “Yeah, I did my job just like you, so butch up and stop crying about getting brainwashed by HYDRA, little girl.”

–Speaking of Bobbi, she gets the “Most Brutalized Character” in this finale. She gets tied up, needles put between her fingernails (ewww), beaten senseless, knee busted, and just to keep Hunter from walking into certain death, takes a bullet in the shoulder. Yeah, this would cause you to reflect on things while in a hospital bed.

–Fitz almost seems back to normal from where he was at the beginning of the season, and hey, maybe Fitz and Simmons can mend fences and go on that dinner date. Which brings us to…

–Mack, you did good defending the ship this episode and maybe saving Coulson’s life with that amputation, but you in charge of alien artifacts? Well, let’s see how your first artifact security gig has worked out?

Dammit, Mack! You had one job to do! ONE JOB!

–What the hell happened to Jemma? What the wha?

And now, some notable quotables from the season finale:

–“You Gordon?” “And you are?” “I’m the guy who kills Gordon.”

–“Now I can’t feel my legs!”

–“PLEASE!…let me help you.”

–“Nice work, Turbo.”

–“Science, Biatch!”

So, bring on some good Inhumans, Coulson with a Deathlok arm, maybe just add Deathlok as a regular, and WHERE’S JEMMA? for season three!


What do you think?

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