Television Graveyard- plot 11, Charmed… still charming after all these years

27 Jan

The 90’s brought about girlpower- from Xena to Buffy to the Spice Girls. For a few years, every where you looked something was empowering young girls. This is a good thing, right?


In 1998, Aaron Spelling produced Charmed for the WB. The series starred Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano, and initially provided a new venue for Shannon Doherty to star. The last was replaced in the fourth season by Rose McGowan.

The starlets played sister witches who battle supernatural forces to saves “innocents”. Or to save their family. Or, occasionally, to save humanity.

Much of the series fit that “girlpower” mentality- the sisters leaned on each other to do their job, supported each others lives, and went out of their way for each other. Plus, except for occasionally getting information, they didn’t need men to save the world.


The other piece of Charmed wasn’t quite so empowering. Semi, if not completely, slutty clothing. Constantly looking for the next relationship. Etc etc etc.

But the series was fun.

Which is almost as important as empowering… almost.

The best part of the series is Piper and her relationship with Leo, her husband/whitelighter/father of her kids/elder. Are they together? Did they break up? The couple is destined to be together- if they can just get the rest of the world on board with that life would be perfect. And the relationship runs essentially from Leo’s first appearance in the third episode of the series.


The series is currently in repeat blocks on TNT and if you’ve never seen it, it’s worth a gander. There are some delightful guest stars that add to the fun, too.

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