Guest Post!!~ The Twin Peaks Revival is a Damn Fine Idea

18 Oct

Mary Czerwinski is the co-host and producer of “DVD Geeks,” a DVD and blu-ray review podcast. She is also the host of “Glue Guns and Phasers,” a Star Trek crafting series and is an actor and producer of the horror short “Pray With Us.” She has written for, Libido Magazine, Pet Age, Pet Services Journal and Chicagoland Tails to name a few. She refers to herself as “The Girl With The Twin Peaks Tattoo” and has been a fan of the series since she was 9 years old.


“Damn fine cup of coffee!” “Let’s rock.” “That gum you like is going to come back in style…”

By now, you have heard every clichéd Twin Peaks quote under the sun since last week’s announcement that the show will return to TV in 2016 with the original creators, Mark Frost and David Lynch, at the helm. The news sent the internet into a cherry pie-induced sugar high and the world was partying like it was 1991.


Hard to believe, the original series aired on ABC, paving the way for boundary-pushing shows like Hannibal and American Horror Story. Twin Peaks, was clearly ahead of its time, and is credited as a huge influence on many feature film and television juggernauts.

The rumors started flying last Friday, October 3 when Frost and Lynch tweeted the same cryptic message at 11:30 am, which is the same time Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) first tells “Diane” he’s entering the town of Twin Peaks. Fans of the show, instantly jumped on the double tweet and the perfect timing, which was far too significant to ignore.

The matching tweets are in line with Cooper’s statement that “when two events occur simultaneously pertaining to the same object of inquiry we must always pay strict attention.” And the world was. They were on the edge of their seats.

The show creators kept us dangling until the morning of Monday, October 6 when it was revealed that they were bringing back the series, but this time on cable for Showtime. The revival is scheduled to be 9 episodes, all produced and written by Frost and Lynch and directed by the latter. Leading up to the launch, Showtime announced that it plans to re-air the series for new fans to catch up.


With the Twin Peaks revival in the works, a blu-ray set of the series and feature film already on shelves, it seems everyone is in a feeding frenzy for more news on the surreal show. The news has even kickstarted the marathoning of the series by many fans. In fact, reported a massive surge in illegal downloads of Twin Peaks: 75,000 in less than a week to be exact.

Every year since 1993, fans have flocked to the filming locations in Washington state for the annual Twin Peaks Fest. The 2015 fest, which will commemorate the 25th anniversary of the show sold out in one week, which is a record for the event.

Festival organizer, Rob Lindley told us that tickets went on sale October 1st as planned. “We were shocked like everyone else on October 6th with announcement of Twin Peaks on Showtime in 2016. On October 9th, we sold all 250 weekend tickets. Wow Bob wow,” said Lindley.

This year’s fest not only added extra tickets to accommodate the rising interest, but the usual 3-day-festival is now four days long with some new programming.

“We switched up the fest format to honor the 25th anniversary of Twin Peaks. We procured a larger banquet hall and the Kiana Lodge for fans to enjoy. The fest has not been at the Kiana since 2000 due to the driving distance from North Bend but we brought it back this year to where it all began.”

The Kiana Lodge, located on Bainbridge Island, is the site of several filming locations, but most notably the location where Laura Palmer’s body washed ashore next to a giant log, which prompted the infamous line “she’s dead, wrapped in plastic,” by the late Jack Nance who played Pete Martell on the show.

With Twin Peaks returning to the small screen, let’s take a look at what we know so far:

Twin Peaks will return to TV and air on Showtime in 2016 (no exact date has been announced).

-The show will return in a limited 9-episodes, all produced, written and directed by the team of Mark Frost and David Lynch who first brought the show to us in 1990.

-Showtime will air the first two seasons of the original series in 2015 leading up to the relaunch.

-The show will pick up where the original left off and will not be a reboot. The episodes will be set in present day and the passage of 25 years will be an important element in the plot.

-Showtime released a teaser trailer re-edited from old footage to make the announcement.

-According to Kyle MacLachlan’s Twitter, he’s signed on to play Dale Cooper once again stating, “Better fire up that percolator and find my black suit 🙂 #Twinpeaks”

-Production is due to start up in 2015.

-The cast will be a mix of old and brand new characters.

-Mark Frost and David Lynch have been discussing how to possibly bring the show back since 2011.

-Mark Frost told, “One thing I can guarantee they will see –they will see a cup of coffee fly through a window. Just to give you one mundane specific.”

-We’ll get the reissue of Twin Peaks Season One and Fire Walk With Me vinyl in January 2015 from Death Waltz Recordings. The pressings will be on coffee-colored and cherry-colored vinyl and the sleeves will be approved by David Lynch himself. These records have not been reissued since they originally came out in the 1990s.

-Flatiron Books will publish the Mark Frost penned, “THE SECRET LIVES OF TWIN PEAKS,” a novel that reveals what has happened to the people of that iconic fictional town since we last saw them 25 years ago. It will be on sale in late 2015

laura palmer

Related, but unsubstantiated and everything in between:

-Fans of the series have been using the hashtag #damngoodcoffee to refer to the announcement since that’s the one Lynch and Frost first used on Twitter to reveal their plans for resurrecting the show.

-Ray Wise went radio silent on Twitter for nearly a month and then recently popped back up saying, “Happy to be between two worlds #TwinPeaks.”

–Richard Beymer would like Ben Horne to come back and some speculate it’s going to happen. He is quoted as saying, “I’m pleased about it. I get to go at it again.”

-Mädchen Amick recently dyed her hair blonde leading people to speculate she’s prepping to play her former waitress character Shelly Johnson in the revival.

-Heather Graham played a diner waitress in the new Daniel Radcliff movie, “Horns” and dropped a Twin Peaks reference about cherry pie. She was also recently a major guest star on Californication, a Showtime series starring David Duchovny who also got his start on Twin Peaks.

-Many other Twin Peaks actors from the large ensemble cast have been outspoken on Twitter about wanting their characters to come back. (Peggy Lipton, Wendy Robie and Annette McCarthy to name a few). Keep an eye on Twitter as it seems to be the epicenter of all things Twin Peaks these days.

In the meantime, we highly suggest you get caught up on all things “Peaks” from the last 25 years. To help you do so, Reflections: An Oral History of Twin Peaks by Brad Dukes outlines how the show got made, what it was like filming and the legacy it left in its wake right from the people who were directly involved with it. Get it in print or on Kindle here.

If you can’t cough up the dough to buy Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery blu-ray set, you can catch all 29 episodes and the pilot on Hulu, Netflix and The mystery of “who killed Laura Palmer?” was always a way into the town of Twin Peaks where many other mysteries resided. We’re sure Lynch and Frost will have plenty of material to unearth from that oil at Glastonberry Grove.

“See you in the trees…”


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